The Anti-Geek Manifesto #gamergate #sadpuppies #sjw

I hate geeks. Fucking hate them. No, don’t get me wrong – I love science. I studied STEM in college. It’s just that I’m not autistic, had friends (and girlfriends!) in high school and grew out of comic books when I was, like, 9.

Sure, I loved Star Wars when I was a kid, and even liked the original Star Trek re-runs, when I was a kid. When I went to college some of my friends were really into the Next Generation.

Ok, Star Track the Next Generation – a TV show with a second rate bunch of stories, with a second rate group of actors, with all of the sex and life taken out of it. Multi-cultural white collar office … but in SPACE! It has to be the most boring, god-awful TV show ever. But then again, I was never particularly into watching TV. Oh sure, when I was like, 9, I watched a bunch of cartoons and TV shows – for 9 years olds. Then, you know, I grew up. While I was somewhat introverted and spent a lot of time reading, I still played soccer (was never particularly good) and even tried to skateboard for a while (I still have the scars.)

Sure, I do enjoy some science fiction, Dick, Heinlein, Asimov, sure. And I have played some video games in my time, sure. I could, as a matter of fact, “geek out” on certain techie-type things.

But fucking #gamergate? Who could possibly fucking care, at least after the age of 14? I mean, there is serious shit going on in the world, and you’re worried that some pink haired hipster chick with a nose ring sucked a bunch of dicks to get her game a good review? I mean, I read about “Depression Quest.” Anybody should have been able to figure out she spent a lot of time on her knees to get any recognition for that crap.

“Ethics” in “game journalism?”

“Game Journalism?” Holy fucking God, we had Judith Miller writing in the New York Times about non-existant Weapons of Mass Destruction and you’re worried about “ethics in game journalism?”

We need to bring back the goddamn draft and have another Vietnam, thin out the ranks of this whiny ass generation. Folks, I was dodging remote-hijacked airliners and car bombs for a decade, and you people worry about Social Justice Warriors whining about fucking “sexism” in video games? You shouldn’t even be playing video games as an adult, except maybe once in a blue moon to relax a bit. And comic books? Fucking COMIC BOOKS? You know what real men do to relax? We drink whiskey and fuck women, that’s what.

You, you over there, have you ever even KISSED a girl?

4 thoughts on “The Anti-Geek Manifesto #gamergate #sadpuppies #sjw

  1. I used to be a comic book nerd some 15 years ago, until Marvel and DC went full Neocohen during the Bush II years, this was one of the things that made me wake up to the Jewish Question.


  2. I was a comic book enthusiast as an adolescent, but never a guy for the video games or science fiction obsessions. My interest in movies, including some pretty obscure ones, would be considered geeky by most, I suppose, but I’ve tried to parlay my interest into something unique and productive in the way I blog about it.

    I was a casual fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation and used to watch the re-runs sometimes around the period of the mid-90s, but was never a Trekkie and didn’t have the de rigueur encyclopedic background on all of the alien species in the series and all that. You should read Matt Forney’s review of the series, though. It’s pretty incisive and funny:


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