The Prison-Industrial Paradox

An uncomfortable fact about the AmeriKKKan Prison-Industrial Complex – we imprison Blacks at an astonishingly high rate. Let my Black people go to Liberia and be free to rule themselves. It’s what Marcus Garvey would have wanted.

Aryan Skynet

Rand Paul: Dope and Change Rand Paul: Dope and Change

“Rand Paul Demands Laws Against Murder and Rape be Repealed,” proclaimed Steve Sailer after the senator from Kentucky envisioned in a speech “an America where criminal justice is applied equally and any law that disproportionately incarcerates people of color is repealed.” So universally compelling is Paul’s fiery brand of compassionate anarcho-conservatism, in fact, that even celebrated leftist Michael Moore has been persuaded to throw his considerable weight behind it.

“The [drug] laws have been used against them [blacks and Latinos],” thundered libertarian neo-Nazi candidate Ron Paul during his 1988 presidential Grand Wizard campaign. “The reaction of the American government, and its people, to drug use was – and still is – a complex mix of factors, involving lobbying by the medical community, pharmaceutical companies, the alcohol industry, temperance advocates, and religious movements,” Ryan Grim corroborates at The Huffington Post. “Historically, the argument has played…

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One thought on “The Prison-Industrial Paradox

  1. A funny accident of the layout with this one is that when it gets reblogged, it sort of looks like I’m the one giving Paul the injection . . . and that I’m some kind of Frankenstein monster with a black woman’s hands, apparently!


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