Baltimore Stories (1)

Riot-inspired Baltimore stories.

Hipster Intelligence Agency


The riots in Baltimore are as good of an excuse as any to write some new fiction for the book.

Ok, ok. I graduated high school when I was 16, and as I wasn’t really old enough to go to college my parents weren’t really sure what to do with me. So I just sort of “hung out” (*cough* selling weed *cough*) for a year and a half, having adventures and barely avoiding serious legal jeopardy. So anyway, my buddy was going to school in Baltimore, so his parents rented him a two bedroom apartment in West Baltimore.

Yes, that West Baltimore. We were the only two white boys on the block. But the Negroes generally speaking never fucked with us, because we didn’t fuck with them. We saw all sorts of shit and would sometimes buy weed from them, but we just looked the other way from the

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