Baltimore Stories (2)


Hipster Intelligence Agency

“Here, hold the end of the belt and pull tight.”

No, not like that you filthy perverts. It was some dude I knew. He had a belt wrapped around his arm and he’s handing me the end.

You know, so he can shoot up.


You see, you get a better drug education if you watch other people do it, while not participating yourself, and Baltimore was as good of a place as any. Oh sure, I’d put plenty of things in my stomach, in my lungs, and even up my nose. But I wasn’t going to be sticking needles into anything. Even that young, I had my limits.

So, this was Dave. I have no idea what the fuck this guy was doing. He came from a rich family right across the border in some exclusive rural exurb in West Virginia. Dad, ex-military then some sort of contractor (defense…

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