The Truth Shall Make You Free: A Conversation with Blogger and Jail Functionary Henry L. Racicot

I like the interviews with the various bloggers, it’s a good idea and usually interesting. I especially like how you ask them about 9/11 – it’s always a pleasant surprise how wide-spread doubt about the official conspiracy theory really is. I ask just about everyone I come across, and I have yet to meet more than a handful of kids in their 20s who aren’t “truthers” to some degree or another.

Thracy is right, this guy just comes across as a typical progressive Christian type – he’s a bit of a race realist, but then again everyone is – it’s just the more left-wing you are the more you tend to lie due to peer pressure.

As far as “Christian” Zionism goes, I wrote a couple of articles about it a few years ago. Needless to say, “Christian” Zionism is not even related to traditional Protestantism of any stripe, it was made up out of whole cloth 100 years ago, almost certainly by political Zionists recruiting various scam artists posing as “preachers.” It’s usually associated with the Pentecostal movement, which is nothing but Rastafarianism for rural White people, without the gangja.

He’s also right that American “Christianity” is little more than an Imperial Cult. It had its origin after the War of Northern Aggression; in order to bring the two sides of the country back together, they created the ideology of “Americanism” which had a patina of generic Christianity on the surface. Mix that with the Freemasonry that was still somewhat popular among the elites in the early 20th century and the emerging Zionism movement and its golem, “Christian” Zionism, and you have the American religion in its modern form.

At first, this American “Christianity” had the atheist Communists as their official enemy, but when the USSR collapsed, they weren’t quite sure what to do, as the “Gog and Magog” of Russia didn’t usher in the End Times like they were supposed to.

Fortunately for them, 9/11 was pulled off spectacularly, and Muslims became the new “Gog and Magog” and Christians always felt better with a religion enemy anyway. It was something to see how the typical American Prostitute Pastor pivoted effortlessly from preaching against the “Godless Commies” to the Muslims within a matter of weeks.

Here’s a brilliant documentary contrasting traditional American (Baptist) Protestantism with the new “Christian” Zionism. The Jews figured out generations ago that the typical American preacher was cheaper to hire than a pretty call girl, so that’s what they did. Dubya’s “Office of Faith Based Outreach” staffer wrote an eye-opening book a few years back about how easily the “Christian” Zionist preachers were bought off – while Catholics, Mormons, and Episcopalians knew how to work the system, the various low-church holy rollers could be bought off with signed autographcs of Bush Jr. and some promotional materials.

One hilarious story has it that the Seventh Day Adventists were bought off with NRO satellite pictures of some mountainous terrain in Turkey – the Bush administration told them they were genuine pictures of Noah’s Ark and the fundie retards totally bought it. Meanwhile, the Republian staffers were laughing it up with each other about how dumb the religious yokels really were.

Aryan Skynet

FTBTI Jesus Saves

Henry L. Racicot maintains the inauspiciously named Few There Be That Find It, where those readers who do manage to find it will encounter his worthwhile ruminations as “Person X” on urban squalor, human frailty, Christianity, world events, cultural rot, and occasional movies. Here he speaks with Aryan Skynet about the state of the nation’s faith, foibles, fortunes, and flounderings. A few of Racicot’s opinions will likely exasperate some readers – his views marking something of a departure from those to which Skynet comrades have become accustomed – but his wit and contrarian viewpoint should make for a lively discussion in the comments section, if nothing more. Interspersed with his answers are piquant selections from Few There Be That Find It.

RCvK: You have many years’ experience working in a jail, yes? How has this shaped your views on race?

Racicot: Yes, I’ve been at the county jail…

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