Manipulating Taboos For Fun And Profit is my new favorite site. The series of articles about Benny Johnson of Buzzfeed caught my eye. Johnson is apparently an asset of the “intelligence community” and possibly, accidentally, stepped on a few toes by pointing out the similarities between the Ed Snowden “NSA humble-bragging” op and a similar “NSA humble-bragging” op back in the 1970s. Every once in a while, the NSA will send out someone to say, “man, the NSA are the best intelligence agency on the planet, they have all your phones tapped.”

The audience is the NSA’s opponents (like the Russian KGB/FSB, “suck it FSB we run the internet!”) as well as their domestic constituency (Congressman: “I better vote for more money for NSA as they probably have all my emails with my mistress, or maybe even video of that weekend in Vegas!”)

Johnson also poses as a “conservative.” He follows the leftist script of what a conservative is:

1) a rabid homophobe that comes across as a closeted gay.
2) a race-baiter that comes across as a dorky “uncool” white guy who secretly envies cool, hip minorities
3) a xenophobe that has low-status attitudes towards immigration.

He worked for a left-wing “intelligence community” propaganda organ, buzzfeed, and now works for Jeb Bush at IJReview, mocking Jeb Bush’s conservative, grassroots, Buchananite opponents.

Once you see the pattern it is all very obvious. In fact, clicking over to IJReview, I came across one of the most blatant, effective – and sheer awesome on a trolling level – “false flag psyops campaign” I ever knew about.

Come on, think back, five years ago? Some crazy cult group of Kansas fundamentalists who hated gays all of a sudden become an international sensation, with publicity stunts at military funerals, awesome, click bait social media videos and songs parodying pop tunes, and semi-political videos saying that Obama was the anti-christ?

So apparently on Jeb Bush’s IJReview they are still getting publicity. Jeb Bush’s IJReview has a story about the WBC with a picture of an attractive young white woman holding up a sign attacking Ireland for passing gay marriage. The article is supposed to be that the idiot fundamentalists turned the Irish flag upside down which is actually the flag of some African hellhole where they eat gays. One suspects that Jeb Bush’s team needs to discipline the grassroots religious right if he’s going to win.

So, you see, how it happened is this. Fred Phelps was likely a truly crazy nut who really hated gays and was a cynical lawyer making money off of suing for “racism” even though he himself was as racist as anyone. Phelps was likely a sociopath and was obviously sadistic – his family would have been the first victims.

So these people have been around for 20 years and have been in the press before but they are tiny cranks completely focused on gays and no one really pays attention to them.

Then, a man appears out of nowhere – actually, Steve Drain comes from Florida, interestingly. Drain “converts” to WBC and turns their media operation into something professional enough for prime time. Drain turns the WBC church into a full time online media company. The Phelps family – especially the young attractive girls – will become the new face of the WBC, preaching, dancing, and singing pop songs with the lyrics changed to the most comically anti-military and anti-homosexual slogans ever:

“God hates fags” “God hates America” “America’s Troops are in Hell.”

This is 4chan-worthy stuff, yet it was taken all very, very seriously by the very, very serious left who intoned seriously about “homophobia caused by religion.” But everyone knew that these people were cranks and it put actual anti-gay religious groups on the defensive. They had to constantly say, “no we don’t hate gays, we’re not like those crazy nuts.”

So – in what should have been obvious to the dimmest among us – WBC was able to unite two seemingly opposed groups – the military with its don’t ask don’t tell policy and the LGBT “community” – and hushed up the major opposition to repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and allowing “open” LGBT people in the military – the religious right.

Now, guess if the people who were helping them get all that online publicity were getting paid to do so.

Think real hard. I realize that “conspiracies” tend to give the smartest among us a big headache.

Well, the scam became even more obvious when the WBC were rolled out to help the US military propaganda in the middle east. So one day at Gitmo some US soldiers are “interrogating” “terrorists” by “accidentally leaking human urine and feces on a Koran.” Either, in Gitmo, one of the toilets had accidentally leaked on a Koran we had given to the inmates, or, you know, they use ritual humiliation and religious taboo-breaking as part of “enhanced interrogation techniques.”

Well, the WBC did what they do, and went to the Iraqi embassy in DC and burned a Koran.

But all of a sudden, the WBC online sales team dropped the ball. There were no angry crowds like there were everywhere else, and no cameramen showed up, and few articles were written about it. The TV completely ignored it.

Right before this event, WBC was daily news. Then, during this event, radio silence. Then, after they did something else, they were back on weekly.

Why that one event – perhaps their first event specifically dealing with Muslims – didn’t make the news is an interesting question. My guess is that it was sort of a trial run. But at some point, DOD needs anti-Muslim sentiment otherwise people won’t want to bomb them. So you need a bunch of audience members who will say, “yeah fuck those Mussie scum I hope you do bomb them and piss on the Koran.” You see, that audience reaction is still important.

But religious yokels screaming about “fags” – that is as passe as Moral Re-Armament was in the 1950s.

Bikers Can Be Both Vets and Gays - the perfect foil to WBC.
Bikers Can Be Both Vets and Gays – the perfect foil to WBC.

(Hey, Nolen, check out what Moral Re-Armament is doing today, and compare and constrast them with the “Family/Fellowship” group of today – same language is used, same background in industrialists using religion against union organizing!)

So what happened eventually is that a new fundie church was found, Terry Jones and the Dove Worldwide Outreach Center. They, interestingly enough, also came from Florida – just like Steve Drain and Jeb Bush. Anyway, these people were against gay marriage too, but they were really all about burning Korans. They actually staged a “cross-over” appearance, where it was announced on TV that this new Florida church would hold a protest with the Westboros about something or other. The WBC were unimpressed – these people were not nearly as radical and they cared more about hating Muslim than hating US soldiers. So this new church was denounced by the WBC – and this was announced in the mainstream media who took a break from selling toothpaste with soft porn to tell us this important news!

Then, this new Florida church decided to burn a Koran. No one had ever heard of these people before, of course, but one day they were on every channel. “Live breaking news, some unheard of religious cranks in Florida are going to burn a Koran in their backyard. CNN is live at the scene.”

“Thanks Charlie, now we’ve just called up the top level Pentagon brass who have decided to tell us their opinion about this non-story by non-people somewhere in Florida that no one ever heard of or can tell us why we are even discussing it.”

“Bill, as a three-star General heading up our liberation forces in Afghanistan, I just want to say that I’m disgusted with what these people are doing and I and our armed forces hold the Koran with utmost respect. In fact, I’ve read it and I’d just like to say “Allah Allah jibar rimshalla.”

After WBC had served it purpose – the majority of Americans now supported gay marriage and LGBTs serving openly in the US military – they were shunted around for a while. The ADL/$PLC types publicized them doing some “anti-semitic” stunts attacking Jews and Isreal and did some fundraisers to “oppose them” until Fred Phelps died. Drain had long ago sent his daughter to “defect” and she did a media appearance about how she loves gays now and just wants a “normal life.”

Anonlen talks about E. Michael Jones’ Libido Dominati about how sex in general, and pornography specifically, can be used to manipulate people. But the reverse is also true; religions tend to use a kind of sexual repression and that can be just as easy to manipulate as a “liberated sexuality” – in fact, it’s all about playing that line between allowed and forbidden – the stronger you inculcate a taboo, the easier it is to “tweak” that taboo.

So, teenage horniness vs. the “shame of teenage motherhood.” Strong feminist women who would never submit to a man often fantasize about the worst kinds of sexist rape and violence – BDSMers have known this for a long, long time.

Now, dear readers, knowing what you know now, take a look back in time, say, to
the “abortion wars” of the 1970s and 1980s – and how the pro-life, religious side never
won a single battle, did they?

At the height of their popularity there was a string of “pro-life terrorist attacks” on abortion clinics.

In fact, there was a nation-wide conspiracy of anti-choice religious fanatics that “weren’t afraid to use violence” to save babies. Remember? They were called Al Qaeda Islamic State Westboro Baptist Church Dove World Outreach Center the Army of God.

It’s like stealing candy from a baby – they never, ever, ever figure it out.

9/11 was not altogether different – they even had a feature film made the day of 9/11 that has all but gone down the memory hole, as it’s just too obvious – even for dimwitted conservatives. Let me tell you about the Naudet Brothers and the Islamic Thinkers Society …

Talk about trauma based mind control!

Like Stealing Candy From a Baby: Altogether Now for the Two Minute Hate! WBC sucks!
Like Stealing Candy From a Baby: Altogether Now for the Two Minute Hate! WBC sucks!

6 thoughts on “Manipulating Taboos For Fun And Profit

  1. I saw the Westboro Baptist Church bunch in person circa 2004. There was going to be a sidewalk drag performance, with a few queens in boas and tight pants lip-syncing dance songs and the like. I was told it would be fun because this was an annual event and the Westboro Baptist Church unfailingly showed up to insult the gays. I went and was fairly underwhelmed by the drama on offer. The protesters were totally peaceful and never even spoke. It was just a handful of people standing across the street holding “God Hates Fags” signs. The whole episode was hollow and lifeless, a symbiotic and insincere ritual rather than some bitter confrontation.


    1. Steve Drain is a true artist and I greatly admire his work.

      The gals were sweethearts that were just doing what was expected of them.

      Like all professionals, it’s a job, so you had to interact if you wanted an
      actual performance. They wouldn’t dance for just anyone.


  2. I once knew a gay guy that told me he would kill Fred Phelps if he could. I thought to myself, “well then you’re no better”. Funny how the oppressed mind works.


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