Land of the Lost

That Land quote is pretty damning, it is indistinguishable from the
post-modernism that was famously mocked by Alan Sokal. Chomsky once called one
of the post-modernists “an amusing and perfectly self-aware charlatan” (although
that might be a good description of Chomsky himself.)

People who think they are going to download their “mind” into a computer and
live forever as a robot – that’s essentially religious thinking.

I think some of these NRx people are merely self-important, and for all their
posturing at elitism, they and their ideas have had no impact on the really
existing elite, cognitive or otherwise, and there is no indication that the
situation will ever change.

Aryan Skynet

Skeletor doing his Nick Land shtick Skeletor doing his Nick Land shtick

Nick Land, the balding, autistic, and humanity-hating mentor of the loose agglomeration of Judaic masturbators and anime nerds comprising the hardcore #Zioreaction scam, epitomizes the self-aggrandizing nihilism and cult of “personality” informing the “movement”. Precisely what it is about this influentially tedious figure that qualifies him as a “reactionary” or “man” of the “Right” is a mystery, as his ballyhooed philosophy appears to consist of little more than gothic sci-fi-flavored intellectualizations of his fantasies of oppressing the poor by remote control from an automated oriental massage parlor.

Nick Land doing his Skeletor shtick Nick Land doing his Skeletor shtick

The program would seem to differ from neocon drone warfare only in that his blog has lots of big, skyscraping words and a frightening black background to scare away those carbon-based lifeforms who might wander innocently onto his Borg-ark. Land, if possible, may be an even bigger proponent of “creative”…

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