In Defense of David Duke

Duke is great, it’s excellent that he uses the standard “liberal” language about
universal human rights. It’s great that he shows solidarity with the
Palestinians. It’s excellent that he’s met with Iranians. His audience is
international now and it’s not really the same audience as it was 20 years

Duke is also useful because he triggers people like LibertarianRealist. In fact,
the whole Palestinian issue is so useful. Neo-conism is the shabbos goyim of our
time and people who would otherwise be trying to stop the race-replacing
immigration into white countries and only white countries instead fantasy
role-play Crusaders vs. Moors.

“Fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here.” The more time
Jews spend defending the Nazi State of Israel, the apartheid regime of Jew
bigotry in Zionist-occupied Palestine, the less moral clout the Jews have to
push anti-white policies on us.

Muslims don’t have power in America – Jews do. Muslims don’t form the core
financial and organizational heart of the anti-White coalition – Jews
do. If Europe banned Muslim immigration tomorrow at 8:00, Organized Jewry
would file a suit by 9:00.

Sure, it’s easy to be a neo-con and it’s acceptable to hate Muslims but if it
was worthwhile they wouldn’t have made it easy.

Aryan Skynet

The Doctor will see you now. The Doctor will see you now.

David Duke has always been a “controversial” person across the political spectrum in our post-World War II world. While it’s not surprising that doctrinaire liberals, the “politically correct”, would find him repugnant, it is somewhat baffling (and revelatory – but we’ll get to that later) to this writer why he is so reviled in many corners of the White Nationalist milieu. I believe, per contra, with some minor qualifications, that Duke is ultimately a resource in seeding White racial consciousness to growing numbers of truth seekers by leveraging his fame (infamy works as well) to amplify the message far beyond what the typical racialist blog, including your eminent Aryan Skynet, has the capacity to do.

Duke 1.0; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Gas Chamber Dr. Duke 1.0; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Gas Chamber

Duke has consciously evolved his image over the years to appeal to a…

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