McGeorge, Iraq, United Nations, WMD, Bush, Israeli Neo-Cons, ANolen

Harvey ‘Jack’ McGeorge.

In context, McGeorge was one of the UN Weapons Inspectors attacked by the
neo-cons of the Bush administration in their effort to drive UN Weapons
inspectors out of Iraq because they knew that Saddam Hussein had no “Weapons of
Mass Destruction.” The UN Weapons inspectors were a thorn in the side of the
neo-cons of the Bush administration because they provided some resistance to the
WMD fraud. Presumably, McGeorge’s sex life was made an issue to discredit the UN
weapons inspectors.

It may be more complex than that, but, in context, the Washington Post article
about McGeorge was part of a series of articles attacking the UN in order to justify the neo-conservative/Bush war against Iraq using the fake “WMD” pretext.

The New York Times had a series of articles at the same time also pushing the
fake “WMD” narrative, exemplified by Judith Miller, who funneled false stories from a never-named “contact” among the neo-cons/Israeli 5th Column in the Bush administration.

Presumably, what you call the “lifer” faction of CIA opposed the “outsourced”
faction – which at the time were Israeli assets/partisans – and McGeorge’s
(McGeorge, as part of the UN faction, presumably able and willing to admit the
truth about the non-existent WMDs) sex life was exposed in a slapdash effort to
derail the UN Weapons inspectors, which would have found no “WMDs” and the fact that the Saddam Hussein government was cooperating fully with the USA and the UN.

(The “lack of qualification” arguments were similar; McGeorge did not lack qualifications and was endorsed by the highest levels of the UN; the fact his PhD was not in the three specializations mentioned in the hit piece was frankly irrelevant. The scientific evidence of the non-existent “WMDs in Iraq” was never seriously in doubt by anyone – this was an exercise in propaganda.)

4 thoughts on “McGeorge, Iraq, United Nations, WMD, Bush, Israeli Neo-Cons, ANolen

  1. McGeorge’s career as a weapons inspector at the UN was sponsored by the US State Department; was the State Dept against the war in Iraq too? I think that his situation was more complex that what you present here. I was unable to find any information supporting his credentials as a weapons inspector… what are they? He certainly provided the neocons with an excellent example with which to discredit skeptical elements at the UN.


    1. It may well be more complicated, the McGeorge story was one of those “weird” stories that came out at the time that seemed to be a “tip of the iceberg.” McGeorge’s “BDSM leadership” was public so it’s not something he could really be blackmailed about. As for his qualifications, I assumed he was a manager, not that he was going to be testing chemical samples or anything. It’s quite possible he was sent to create bogus WMD evidence and his “outing” by the Washington Post was meant to preempt the bogus WMD evidence.

      During the run up to the Iraq war, there was an internal fight at the CIA between the “realist” faction and the “Office of Special Plans” which was set up by the neo-conservatives to falsify WMD “intelligence.” OSP may as well have been an Israeli department. The CIA “lifer” faction (perhaps) went ballistic about the OSP and started leaking like a sieve.

      McGeorge was just one of those bizarre things that came up and seemed to have no significance … until the Abu Ghraib scandal broke and it became apparent that homosexual BDSM was public policy, according to Sy Hersh’s “Copper Green” stories and the Taguba report.

      The context of the Abu Ghraib scandal has gone down the memory hole these days, but the first thing that happened was that the Iraqi resistance bombed the prison trying to kill the prisoners inside – “their people.” People were scratching their heads wondering why – it came out that the women inside the prison were smuggling out notes to the Iraqi resistance *asking* then to blow up the prison so they would die and not get tortured anymore.

      Eventually, they blamed the entire thing on Lyndie England and two enlisted soldiers and railroaded General Karpinsky – the CIA (and the Mossad) who were running the sexual torture program were never prosecuted of course.


    2. (Nolen, I tried posting this on your article, but as I’m a big fan of both Naval Intelligence and the NSA, thus am using TOR, it might have been blocked as spam 🙂 )

      My original take on the McGeorge thing was that the WP article was an attack on the UN weapons inspectors by the neo-cons who were trying to derail them. On the other hand, it’s quite possible that McGeorge was planted on the UN weapons inspector team precisely because he was controlled and would fake evidence; in that case, the WP piece can be seen as a strike against the neo-cons.

      Your articles reminded me of the McGeorge story for a few reasons. BDSM was already pretty open in 2001, so it seems unlikely you’d be able to blackmail someone with it, although it is still kind of controversial, see the pearl-clutching over the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon. However, the article mentions that McGeorge was particularly interested in “service oriented” submissives. This kind of resonates with your idea of targetting specific personality types that are vulnerable to control.

      A “service oriented” submissive wouldn’t necessarily be a blackmail risk, but it’s the type of woman who essentially “lives for” her dominant and would do anything for him. So, you have a dom who is essentially a handler and a “service oriented” submissive/slave who is then sent out to do various tasks. I could see it.

      In my opinion, most BDSM is half sexy, half silly, but there is a certain flavor of operant conditioning to some of it. It seems implausible that of all the “mind control” type stuff the IC has looked into, they didn’t look into BDSM. BDSM also seems to be quite popular among the British elites, specifically. In fact, “English” is the slang for spanking/caning in the way that “Greek” is the slang for anal sex.

      Then, there is the Gitmo/Abu Ghraib torture scandal, which in my view is obviously related to similar MK-Ultra/Artichoke research projects in the past. While “waterboarding” to get false confessions is what has gotten the most press (the 9/11 Commission report was largely based on false confessions from one guy who was tortured for months) I think there are indications that certain kinds of operant conditioning – part of which would be sexual – were used to try to recruit Arab/Muslim assets.

      It seems funny, like a comedy routine, something like an X-rated version of Get Smart or Austin Powers, but I could easily see a Domme “handler” with her submissive Arab “slave” who is recruited from some Arab/Muslim network and used as an asset.

      There’s a lot of indication that the neo-cons were investigating such things, Gitmo and Abu Ghraib were glimpses into this, and according to Sy Hersh, Douglas Feith was obsessed with Arab sexual hangups and using them as a method of control. We know that in one case a woman soldier smeared what was supposed to be menstrual blood on the face of a detainee at Abu Ghraib, in order to “break” him. I think that is a clear indication of the types of things that were going on there. Once you get beyond euphemisms such as “anal feeding” the parameters of these programs becomes clear.

      It’s really of a piece with what E. Michael Jones mentioned about Israelis broadcasting hard core porn on Palestinian TV stations.

      To be clear, in my opinion, that these sorts of things were tried shows that the people running the Bush administration were idiotic and insane in equal measures. I cannot imagine anything dumber than raping detainees and trying to use their religious and sexual hangups to control them, but nevertheless, this seems to be a theme in IC circles going all the way back to Crowley, as you’ve mentioned.


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