Say Yes to White Privilege

Aryan Skynet

Enjoy it while you can.

There is an unquenchable thirst for new theories linking the failings of minorities to the attitudes and behavior of white people. In the last few decades, as even the faintest trace of racial identity among whites has been banished from public life, the search for new explanations of white malevolence had to become more creative. This led to the invention of vague and un-provable forces such as institutional racism to explain black failure, and “stereotype threat” to explain low test scores.

The current favorite is “white privilege.” This is the idea that inherent racial favoritism in American society buoys whites and hinders blacks and other minorities. Like its predecessors, it cleverly does not require specific acts or even intent, and any attempt to deny its existence is further proof of its strength.


Most white people reply defensively when they are charged with white privilege…

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