Never Stick Your Dick In “Mattress Girl” Crazy

Mattress Girl makes a porno.

He slaps her face, she asks her to hit her again, he takes off the condom and, er, penetrates her anally.

Peak Rape Culture

In her words about this piece, she repeats the term “vulnerable.”

This is a fetish – it’s basic masochism mixed with a humiliation and exhibitionism fantasy.

Have you ever actually had sex with a crazy woman? It’s both hot and disturbing. Not for the faint of heart. In the red pill post, someone linked to this porno:

I watched a few seconds but honestly the dirty talk was getting me a little aroused so I turned it off.

Crazy girls … it’s like riding a wild animal. I don’t know perhaps it is an acquired taste. So once I was fucking this Blondie, this hot young disturbed girl from California with a beautiful body and a cute laugh.

I’m fucking her and she’s moaning, “oh I want to feel you inside me without a condom oh god I want it.”

I was drunk, young, and stupid, so I pulled out, took off the condom, and went in raw. You know I was so well “educated” in “safe sex techniques” and birth control I just assumed everyone else was too. I could not imagine for the life of me any woman that would actually have sex with a man she just met that night unless she was on the pill.

So I try to pull out … and she seems to think that, you know, I slipped, so she grabs me and moves over a bit and sticks me back in … literally while I am squirting.

The next day she’s like all embarrassed and tells her friend (who introduced us) she couldn’t believe I fucked her without a condom. I’m like, “you crazy bitch you were literally asking for it in explicit language!” But she didn’t mean it, it was just “dirty talk.” Her friend was like “well she wasn’t very experienced and she’s only 18!” Anyway I never saw her again but I’m not “pump and dumper” – I would have kept fucking her every day if she hadn’t have disappeared.

Ah well, women, can’t live with ’em, can’t turn them over and give them a spanking without enthusiastic verbal consent and a notarized permission slip these days.

Back in my day the girls were hilariously slutty and half the time they would rape you! Our feminists were “sex positive feminists” which meant they were really kinky and into role play and stuff.

Moral of the story, always repeat the line “never stick your dick in crazy” while knowing full well you will if the situation is right.

Thus ends the story of Mattress Girl.

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