Aryan Skynet Exposed as Frauds: ISIS Delivers the Most High’s Deathblow to Dumbass Conspiracy Theories

icareview – did you get a call from Hezbollah yet? Because my check is late.

Aryan Skynet

ISIS pizza party, praise be to Allah for His spicy halal meatlover's blessings ISIS pizza party, praise be to Allah for His spicy halal meatlover’s blessings

It is with great humility, heads bowed by the might and logic of Allah, that Aryan Skynet atones for its evil and offers this anguished admission of culpability and contrition in perpetuating the fiction of the Israeli-American 9/11 conspiracy and – more pointedly – any suggestion that the Islamic State is a proxy mercenary force and an inorganic western intelligence creation. Indeed, the Islamic State is both a legitimate caliphate and a formidable geopolitical actor and military juggernaut. The Aryan Skynet staff has, of course, been cognizant of these realities all along – and it was, in fact, in a misguided effort to discredit ISIS and to dissuade the faithful from joining its ranks in a cyber-jihad against Aryan Skynet that the pretense of the Islamic State’s Hollywood backlot phoniness was maintained for so long and with…

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