Run, Jeb, Run!

I really hope Jeb Bush runs – it puts George Jr. and Sr. back in play. Politics is all about making you forget the past, Bush vs. Clinton means the past is the campaign. Every single time Jeb Bush says something about terrorists, the blogs will and can hijack those talking points to talk about his brother’s failure to stop 9/11 – or the Anthrax attacks – or the DC sniper – and losing Iraq – no WMDs – it will be 2005 all over again!

Rand Paul is already doing this with the “classified 28 pages” of the Congressional 9/11 coverup. The 28 pages embarrass the Bush family by detailing their close working ties with the perpetrator/patsies of 9/11.

With Hillary running, it puts Bill back in play. Monica’s sucking skills provide the hook and the gimmick, and the actual content will be about how Gary Condit, whose Jewish girlfriend mysteriously disappeared just in time to knock him off on the Intelligence Committee during the run-up to 9/11. Hillary means “Benghazi” which means Petraeus – head of the CIA at the time. The Democrats are great because sex sells, tales of Bill fucking teenage girls on Epstein’s private island, how Zionist asset Haim Saban used to brag about helping Clinton out with his conquests. Billionaire Zionists throwing sex parties with Bill Clinton and Prince Edward – it’s got the sex hook and then you can provide context about the blackmail and espionage and Israeli assets.

2 thoughts on “Run, Jeb, Run!

  1. Can you explain more on Gary Condit’s role in the whole drama? I just thought his non-story was pumped prior to 9/11 to distract from preparations or something…or just because the late summer news cycle was dead back then.


    1. @Briar Patch

      My speculation is that Condit’s girlfriend was killed/disappeared in order to catch him in a scandal, thus keeping him busy during the run-up to 9/11 and keeping him out of any investigation.

      One very odd thread of this is that Condit’s girlfriend’s family was “comforted” by a “psychic” who was “helping them communicate with her and locate her.”

      That psychic happens to be married to Jeffrey Imm, who runs a Zionist anti-white hate group.

      Condit’s girlfriend had the same profile as Monica Lewinsky and did to Condit what Lewinsky did to Clinton. Lewinsky embroiled Clinton in a scandal when Clinton was putting pressure on the Zionist entity to stop committing genocide against the Palestinians.


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