Problems with the “Puritan Thesis” in #NRx

The reason Moldbug blamed “Puritans” for being “leftists” is because liberal Protestant Christians are the forefront of the BDS movement, which is considered the most significant threat to Israel. “Liberal Protestants” are the major competitors to Jews on the left, so Moldbug – trying to recruit non-leftist Whites to his cause – blamed the anti-white “Left” on White Protestants, not Jews.

It’s not even particularly complicated now is it?

Occam's Razor

Around the neoreaction spheres, there is a commonly held belief that much of leftist can be attributed to “Puritanism”.  This idea was first popularized by Moldbug and has since been championed by various bloggers, which recently has erupted into a debate (see here, here, here, here, here, here, etc.)

While I’m a Moldbug fan and like some of his concepts, I think that Moldbugian critique of progressivism is wrong for a number of reasons.

First, the radicals who have drastically changed Western society over the past 150 years or so have not been Puritans but in fact Ashkenazis:

Marx – undermine traditional European regimes

Freud – legitimizes sexual degeneracy

Franz Boas – popularizes the “race doesn’t exist” meme

Ashley Montagu – also popularizes “race doesn’t exist” meme and makes racism the greatest sin of the West

Adorno and Horkheimer – Cultural Marxism, delegitimize white people

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2 thoughts on “Problems with the “Puritan Thesis” in #NRx

  1. Destroy Israel | June 10, 2015 at 4:14 pm

    >>150 years is an odd demarcation line. Explaining American Progressivism and not including the Civil War is absurd. It simply can t be taken seriously. The Civil Wae was messianic, blood-thirsty, Puritanism par excellence.

    This is the Yankee version of history. Of course, the reality is that the new waves of European immigrants didn t want nigs in the new territories stolen from Mexico. The Southerners who loved their nig-slaves were angry they couldn t bring them with them, while the new Euro-immigrants wanted to keep them out. That you propagate modern lies about the nature of the American Civil War shows you re a liberal-moron.

    >>There s a bunch of problems with the Joo Thesis too.

    Says the crypto-Zionist.

    I remember reading some article by a White man who had fallen in with neo-conservatives (read: Zionist Jew) in the Bush administration then revolted against them. He recalled two events: one, some Jew Bush neo-conservative introducing him to another Jew neo-conservative saying, “he’s with us on all the issues except immigration.” This meant that this “Christian Zionist” “conservative” “patriot” agreed with the Jewish neo-conservative on all issues, except he thought replacing Americans with foreign people wasn’t such a good idea.

    Another story had it that a Jew Bush neo-con was talking to his WASP associate, who was writing a book about the Civil War. The Jew said, “why would you do that? All that Civil War stuff is as far away as the War of the Roses.”

    Of course, the Jew didn’t care about the Civil War, or America, Europe, or White people in general. All he cared about was Jews and Jew Israel. That was his concern. He was a Jew Zionist. America was simply a tool. As Abe Foxman of the ADL said, America should be “user-friend” for Jews. American Whites cannot have their own interests or identity, it’s simply a technological system – a legal system – to be “used” for the “Jewish users.” The Civil War, and dead goyim, are merely an afterthought.

    That we allow these people to even vote is amazing – much less allow them to drive policy.

    “Destroy Israel” sees this Jew distortion very clearly.

    Simply, they are “not us.”


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