The FBI Probably Bought Him The Gun

Some interesting facts about the shooter, according to all mainstream sources:

1. 21 years old, living in his car, grew up dirt poor, sometimes in a rural trailer park, sometimes in a majority black area.

2. On serious, hard drugs for at least the last year, arrested twice.

3. A facebook page was set up two years ago, hardly used, half of the Facebook friends are Blacks he went to high school with. He has no other typical online presence ” no twitter, no chats. Just a Facebook page that has no use expect for posing as a “White Supremacist” last month.

3. All of a sudden, poses with two flag patches on his jacket ” Rhodesia and South Africa ” that he could not have purchased in South Carolina and would have a damn hard time ordering online ” especially since he almost certainly didn’t have a credit card. Where the HELL does some poor white trash druggie from South Carolina even get access to such novelty patches? How does a poor white trash trailer park boy in South Carolina even LEARN about these historical regimes that were overthrown before he was even born? He didn’t even finish tenth grade!

4. A few months ago, his parents and friends say he started talking about “racial groups” he was “getting involved” in. (COUGH FBI COUGH) How does this NOT fit in the typical FBI entrapment category that has been discussed in very mainstream media ” BBC, NYT, WSJ ” for years now?

5. Hillary Clinton was campaigning a HALF MILE AWAY ONE HOUR before the shooting? If this was ANY other country, we would call this a “warning” or a “botched assassination” of a political figure. Of course, the STATE SENATOR that he shot ” the target ” was a huge Hillary supporter.

This is just shades of RFK, isn’t it? I want to find who was handling him – you know, the “FBI informant” that had “infiltrated” the “radical racist” scene – in rural South Carolina trailer parks.

I could write a better After School Special than this.

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