“Tragedies Happen”

That’s what he says after his mom get gunned down at church: “tragedies happen.”

Look, I know that everything on TV is totally real. I’m just saying, these are the two most even-keeled Black people I ever saw. I mean, here they are 24 hours after their mother was just murdered, shot by a Racist Ku Klux Klansman, gunned down at her Church Bible Study, and they are barely emotional. They answer the reporter’s questions without a hint of sadness, anger, grief, nothing.

Well, no, they do feel a lot of love and forgiveness.

I’ve cried more when I’ve stubbed my toe.

They sure don’t make Black people like they used to. Here’s the kind of Black people I’ve met. Watch as the sister of one of Jeffrey Dhamer’s victims goes off in court.

Again, I’m not in any way questioning the official story or getting involved in any “conspiracy theories.” Apparently, America has changed quite a bit since I’ve been gone.

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