Boin Dis Bitch Down! or, Great Moments in Jewish Chimpouts

Ashkenazis tend towards fanaticism, collectivism, and authoritarianism – the very traits they accuse “white supremacists” of exhibiting. Many of the typical attacks of anti-white Ashkenazis are mere psychological projection.

Aryan Skynet

#BlackfaceLivesMatter #BlackfaceLivesMatter

A Yahoo! Answers user offers the prompt, “Are Jews the most peaceful and caring people in the world?”

Jews have done so much to help us black folks cuz they gave us BET and the NAACP. Others, such as Tim Wise, have been actively supporting our interests, and exposing how white racists use the so-called “color-blind society” to oppress us more and keep us down. I say the Jews are the most peaceful and caring people in the world because they have been on the front line fighting for us nonwhites’ human rights in the world with their organizations, such as SPLC and ADL that expose those racist white people with their “Tea Parties” and KKK rallies.

Some of those who answered rightly directed the questioner’s attention to the less than tactful gestures of the Israeli war machine toward that country’s Arab neighbors. Here, however, lest this congoid-American truth…

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