The Bonoboization of the Goyim: Dr. Melvin Konner’s Final Solution to the Gentile Question

The Occidental Observer has a similar article recently:

A few years ago when Andy Griffith died, a bunch of people were complaining that in the “good old days” TV shows were “moral.” Andy Griffith promoted good old fashioned small town White American values, but then the Jews came along and made TV toxic, filling it with violence and sex.

That maybe true, but a better question might be: why did Whites outsource their culture to TV shows made by a non-White group historically hostile to us? In the beginning they showed us what we wanted to see, and told us what we wanted to hear, but now we don’t like the TV show anymore.

Maybe the “Gentile Problem” is that Whites are too busy reacting to what Jews do, as if somehow “this time” they wouldn’t be hostile. This “Gentile Problem” goes back at least as far as the Jewish Problem.

As for Konner, this sort of Freudian “deconstruction of goyim sexuality” was very impressive to the baby boomers, apparently, but this Jew and his fantasy of being a “sex slave” for some Blonde Nazi Dominatrix is old hat; we’ve all seen their “hoocaust porn” S&M comic books. Maybe they are a victim of their own success, but it really doesn’t phase people too much these days.

Aryan Skynet

Shekel for your thoughts, Dr. Konner? Shekel for your thoughts, Dr. Konner?

Melvin Konner ostensibly has a plan to save the planet and humanity, at least one-half of it – save them from men, that is. You see, Melvin Konner has a hot new book, presently racing up the bestsellers list, wherein his grandiose fantasies are revealed – if only we have the will and moral conscience to help actualize them. One wonders if Melvin would feel entirely secure, though, engaged in a final “triumph of the will” so to speak. This will become evident as we proceed. Onward…

Melvin Konner’s new book is Women After All: Sex, Evolution, and the End of Male Supremacy, a twenty-first century update to Ashley Montagu’s 1953 limp-wristed slap against the patriarchy, The Natural Superiority of Women. Melvin actually cites this work as inspiration in Women After All. I suspect they would have gotten along smashingly had they been…

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