They Ain’t Going Nowhere

It’s great Bush is running, it helps people to remember that USA isn’t exceptional and that we’re run by a organized crime family like most countries are. The Puzzo quote could not be more appropriate.

Sailer wrote recently that Jeb Bush’s life long goal was to merge USA/Canada with Latin America. He, of course, personally and genetically did this himself and now wants the rest of the nation to follow along.

Imagine if Yeb presides over the emerging North American Union, he will outshine even Poppy in the history books.

Aryan Skynet

By now it should be clear that only by our rule can everyone experience the full blessings of government; and though we mean to rule with benevolence, make no mistake, we mean to rule.

Election Year 2016 is going to be symbolic of more things than one might think at first glance.

As expected, the Democrat nominee will be the humorless, uncharismatic Hillary Clinton. Rest assured that the GOP will foist another unpopular establishment candidate on a base that despises him, because the field is too full and Republicans remain too fractured behind single issues and purity tests to get behind one compromise conservative. That person is Jeb Bush who remains remarkably unperturbed by the Bush Fatigue that is still evident among their ranks.

What you should not expect in 2016 will be some kind of compromise candidate beloved to their traditional bases running with them on…

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