Anti-Zionism: Good for the Jews

It’s expected that Jews, like any other ethnic group, would look out for their own interests and favor their own. Most White people just tend to think of Jews as some sub-group, like Irish, or Greeks.

But the organized Jewish community promotes immigration and turning the majority into a minority, and they become the leaders of the anti-white coalition, which is essentially what the Democratic party has become. The Democratic party is run by a handful of Jews and includes anyone and everyone who is not a normal White family. It’s all other ethnic groups, plus “dissident” Whites, and they all promote bringing in massive amounts of non-White immigrants to overwhelm the majority.

But of course, in their country, Israel, they support the exact opposite policies – they support a Jewish state, they ruthlessly purge unwanted immigrants, and they demand that Jews retain their majority there.

The secret’s out and the internet has destroyed their media monopoly, so it will be quite interesting to see what they do in the future.

Aryan Skynet

Gilad Atzmon Gilad Atzmon: “Jewish power is defined as the power to suppress the discussion on Jewish power”

In an interesting American Free Press article titled “Are Liberal Anti-Zionists More Dangerous Than Israeli Jews?”, John Friend interviews Gilad Atzmon about the motivations underlying Jewish involvement in anti-Zionism.

Atzmon turned the discussion to the usurpation of the Palestinian Solidarity movement by leftist Jewish activists in order to advance broader Jewish interests and protect the ethnic nature of the Jewish state of Israel.

“In an interview a few years back, Philip Weiss, the chief editor of the Jewish pro-Palestinian website Mondoweiss, admitted to me in plain terms that in his eyes pro-Palestinian activism serves Jewish ‘self interests’,” said Atzmon. “Such a Jewish activity conveys a misleading image of Jewish political pluralism. It suggests that not all Jews are ‘bad’ and that Jewish politics can even be ethical and universal.”

Philip Weiss Philip Weiss: “self interests”

Atzmon argues that the Jewish left is “far more problematic and dangerous than hardcore right-wing…

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