Baltimore Stories 4

50 Shades of Spoooky

Hipster Intelligence Agency


So that was the funny thing, whenever I was out with my buddy, I always got laid. He “taught” me, as it were, how to pick up women. I thought of him as an older brother sort of. We looked very much alike and he had just appeared one day – around the time I discovered LSD, in fact – and befriended me.

I especially remember the time we spent the weekend at his dad’s house. We’re hanging out in his room and he shows me a James Bond movie, I don’t remember which one it was. I’ve seen a couple but was never really into them. He makes jokes about his dad being a spy and how he had asked his dad once, hey dad, are there really aliens and the government is keeping it a secret? His dad says, now son I have to be serious with you…

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