Sweet Melissa

Hipster Intelligence Agency


“Sweet Melissa!”

It was just that dorky thing she always said. She gasped as she felt her … self … tightening. She thought she was going to come right then and there but … it … backed off. She exhaled.

She was on her back with her arms above her head and her legs wide open. She couldn’t see or hear anything. There was something in her mouth.

Her mind flashed back. The man was giving her a massage and it was very relaxing. He was very handsome and he had his shirt off. She had been on her tummy and he was rubbing her shoulders, then her legs…

Wait, no, she remembered she was at the doctor’s. “I hope the doctor is pleased,” she thought. Wait, what did that mean?


She tried to pull her hands down but she couldn’t. She remembered, she was strapped in. “Strapped in for…

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