Did you know that the Edward Snowden leaks showed that the NSA actually hires internet trolls to “infiltrate” online groups, pose as “victims” of various people, and has a very efficient system to starts fights among bloggers and commenters?

ANolen was right, the “intelligence community” is full of “sons and lovers” now and are completely ineffective.

Google is eating the lunch of the NSA. No one wants to work for NSA because Google pays more and is way more prestigious.

James Bond maybe have been cool in the 1960s, but Austin Powers destroyed the mystique of promiscuous alcoholics (and I say this as a promiscuous alcoholic.) So who wants to work for the CIA now? The best people at CIA get smeared as “anti-semite Nazis” if they dare suggest the US shouldn’t roll over and do whatever Israel wants.

I’m telling you, as I get older, I realize there really is no “genius cabal” that is running things “at the top.” It’s a bunch of privileged rich people who would not impress anybody if they didn’t have all that money. There is no one at the top but a bunch of clock-punchers hoping the dollar doesn’t crash and the plebes won’t figure out the scam.

Stick a fork in ‘Merka, she’s done for.

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