The Donald Deception

You beat me to the punch. I was going to title the article “Donald’s Chumps.”

ANolen is right that Trump is about scaring moderates and “realists” into not opposing the “Bomb Iran” faction.

Trump has always been a front for Jewish criminal money. I mean, come on, just look at the situation. Manhattan real estate, Atlantic City casinos – as the WSJ said, he’s not really a CEO he just plays one on TV. He’s a front for other people’s money. Sheldon Adelson even?

His faux-populism – he’s talking about running third party now – hurts Republicans, hurts conservatives and essentially puts Hillary Clinton in the White House.

Oh yeah he’s always be friends with the Clintons and has the same basic support base as the Clintons. He is as “Republican” as Guiliani and Bloomberg. In NYC, the Republican party is there for the Democrats to use when they want to dump the teachers, coloreds, and their “base” generally and get shit done.

You know, it’s funny. When I say that “TV news is fictional” and dare suggest anything about “crisis actors” people call me a “conspiracy theorist.” Yet they are literally supporting Donald Trump – a reality TV show actor – for President.

I mean, I have to ask, do people realize that “The Apprentice” is scripted? It’s fake. It’s like professional wrestling. It isn’t real.

Oops there I go again with my “conspiracy theories.”


Aryan Skynet

He sucks. He sucks.

A favorite meme of opposition Twitterites these days is the #cuckservative classification for limp-dick lamestream “conservative” stalwarts like Lindsey Graham, Glenn Beck, Jeb Bush, and John Boehner. So eager are many on the race-realist Right to see the Overton window expanded to include such characterizations that several have chosen to embrace sideshow attraction presidential “candidate” Donald Trump as the natural foil and antidote to the complacency of the fancy lads in the Republican establishment. Trump has won a devoted following by daring to be marginally honest and comparatively impolite in addressing the ongoing demographic dispossession of the American citizenry.

“Trump is the man!” trumpets End Cultural Marxism account @genophilia. “I have endorsed Donald Trump for the Presidency of these United States,” proclaimsThe Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin, who even dubs his contender the “Great White Hope”. Trolls on Twitter are clearly elated and see Trump as…

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