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JFK was long before I was even born and I was never particularly interested in the story. In fact, I never even saw the Oliver Stone movie.

But after spending three and a half hours watching “JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick” the main question I am left wondering is why so much of the eye witness testimony I’ve simply never heard. There are at least two films of the assassination I’ve never even heard of – I thought there was just the one Zapruder film. These various pictures of the scenes, the many interviews given by various people years later – I never even knew they existed.

But as someone who – quite by accident and happenstance – was somewhat of a witness to the events of September 11, 2001, I can understand the pattern perfectly well.

Hell, I started this blog so I could talk…

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10 thoughts on “JFK To 9/11

  1. I’m 30 minutes into the JFK-911 video.
    In it, we’re told that the rise of Hitler to power was financed by “US illuminatis” to counter Bolchevik Russia that scared these people and the Royal families of Europe to death.

    If so, why was nazi Germany finally crushed by the allied forces?
    Why was it Stalin and not Hitler that finally attended the Yalta conference?
    Why were the cultural marxists from the yeshiva of Frankfurt, whose aim was to spread the bolchevik revolution by destroying Western Culture, welcomed with open arms in the States?

    Unless someone can come up with sensible answers to these simple questions, I’m afraid this whole movie has to be considered like a load of horse manure.
    Seriously, do you have any, Mr Hipster Racist?


  2. “The mob were in TOTAL control of hollywood…and the studio bosses, Cohen, Meyer, etc knew they had to play along.”
    Bohoho, they were, once again, the poor victims of the cruel goyim.
    This movie is a sorry joke!


    1. He does mention the “Jewish mafia” a few times.

      The movie is biased, no question. He idolizes JFK and RFK obviously. But the “meat” of the movie is all of the details about the JFK assassination – the other films besides the Zapruder film, all the various eye-witness testimonies (that I’ve never seen, not even read about) and other details. It’s all been written about before but I’ve never seen any of the video.


      1. He does indeed mention Jacob Rubinstein, the jewish Purple Gang and a few others.
        But never Meyer Lansky, the Murder Inc or the jewish mafia as a whole that is much more powerful than the Sicilian Mafia he constantly refers to.
        And seriously, a 3 and a half hours movie about the elite that tries to dominate the world without a single mention of the biggest weapon, the biggest swindle of all, the financial system?
        Something obviously wrong here.

        I came up to the conclusion that the guy was scared to death by one thing – being labeled an antisemite. A difficult task when you intend to talk about world domination, NWO or whatever you want to call it.
        Hence his constant reference to “nazis” (nazi this, nazi that, like a mantra. It ends up being hilarious!), to the concentration camps, mentioned many times out of context. The poor jews being used as slaves? OK, but then why the holocaust (with gory phony illustrations of it sprinkled all over…)? You don’t exterminate the people that constitutes cheap labor for you, that’s not an efficient way to run business, is it?
        All this creates incoherence and makes the movie very clumsy at times.
        Still, overall it’s a much better video than I first thought.
        Thanks for posting it!


      2. Actually, I think the guy is Irish which explains his love affair with the Kennedys and his hatred of the “Anglo-American elite.”

        In any case, the interesting thing about the film is not the stuff about the mafia, or the Nazis. The thing that is interesting is the video of all the JFK eye-witnesses, the other films of the assassination besides the Zapruder film, the interviews with various people saying they were offered money to help kill JFK, etc.

        Also, the involvement of George H. W. Bush in the JFK assassination is a very undercovered topic.


      3. Its true that is generally the Irish and other Catholics like Lyndon Larouche that denounced the “Anglo-American” establishment, Larouche Conspiracy is that the British Empire still rules America, I think he was inspired by Carroll Quigley books.

        But the truth is that WASP establishment has been co-opted by the jewish financial elite long time ago, the British aristocracy that you see in the Downtown Abbey TV show married their sons daughter to German-Jewish bankers of the City London, the Prime-Minister David Cameron is descendant of both jewish bankers and the British aristocracy.

        The same happened in America, the next generation of the Bush, Clinton and Trump clans will have jewish blood in them and are going to be raised in the jewish cultural milieu.


  3. Yeah, you’ve got a point, Conolly is indeed an Irish name. and now that you mention it he has a slight accent. At least I think so, although it’s difficult for a foreigner to identify accents with precision.
    Yes I agree, the part about the JFK slaughter was the best part. I also liked the overall demonstration on how elites manipulates the masses. I now have to find out what they say on the site “revolution now”.
    PS in his book “Final Judgment, the Missing Link”, Piper comes up with a totally different theory on the JFK assassination. Quite interesting also.


    1. For me, the thing is this. Whatever really happened with JFK (and RFK for that matter) the “official story” is obviously bogus. A “magic bullet?” A bullet doing a “u-turn” in JFK’s head? It’s all obviously bullshit.

      Same with 9/11. It’s obvious, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that WTC 1, 2 and 7 were destroyed in a controlled demolition. They even found “thermetic material” in the dust. Hell, they actually FILMED the “thermetic material” igniting and giving off energy when given a charge.

      But the establishment, from the media, to government institutions like NIST, to even the civil groups like the AAOA – they simply cannot mention the obvious truth. Institutionally, it’s impossible for the “official story” to even be questioned.

      That’s a very “deep state” indeed. The best analogy I can come up with is religion – just like back in 1400 it was virtually impossible for the average person to even consider the Church was wrong about, say, heliocentrism, or transubstantiation.

      I remember quite well the aftermath of 9/11 – it felt like we were living in a Communist regime. I remember as a kid we used to take pride in our “free press” as opposed to the poor Russians with their Pravda which was pure propaganda.

      But of course the USA was not the least bit better in that regard.

      The day of, some demolitions expert in Arizona did an interview with the local paper saying it was obviously a demolition – the assumption was that the terrorists had gotten inside and rigged the building – maybe disguised as a work crew or something.

      The next morning, he retracted everything, he “didn’t want to get involved in any conspiracy theories.”

      Dr. Steven Jones, a work-a-day chemistry professor at Brigham Young, three years later doing a study on the dust – he’s threatened, offered bribes, and eventually fired for just plain old fashioned forensic chemistry – nothing to do with any political anything.

      How is it our institutions are so vulnerable to blatant corruption and propaganda?

      How is the public can swallow such absurd fairy tales?


      1. “Obvious bullshit” for sure. How can I disagree?
        I have no certitude about the JFK assassination cause like you I wasn’t born at the time and the further in time a historical event is, the harder it is to know what has happened.

        A different matter for 911, where there seem to be a pretty sound explanation. Not in the details of the operation, but in general. I try to explain:
        911 is a tree layer thingy.

        – on top, the official version telling us that 911 was perpetrated by “Afghan cavemen using cutters”. Such a load of crap that many people rightly question it.

        – when these people search for answers, they are guided to bogus explanations, the “conspiracy theory” and its variants that point to Bush and the “deep state” as the only culprits.

        – then the third layer, close to what actualy happened, where everything (from Siverstein to all the security firms involved) points out to Israel and the jewish community.

        Now, what exactly are the parts played respectively by the deep state and by the “eternal Israel”, I haven’t got a clue and anyway, those two groups are so intimately entwined nowadays that sorting it out doesn’t matter that much. But it’s obvious that the second layer is put forward as a smoke screen in order to divert people’s attention away from Israel.
        This second layer is the “allowed conspiracy theory”, the one one can adopt without getting into too much trouble (in Europe, “hate crimes’ like.criticizing “endangered and protected minorities” or contesting the conclusions of the Nuremberg Trial can send you to jail).

        PS how can the public swallow such fairy tales?
        People are stuck in their day to day routine – job, TV, kids, whatever.
        They lack the curiosity and maybe the brains. Looking for answers requires efforts and education. So people in general go for the simplest answers, the ones they are fed with and don’t search further because they don’t care and can’t be bothered.
        That’s human nature, mate.


  4. @Indravaruna

    Yes, the co-optation does go back a long way.

    First, the reformed religion – protestantism – was very much influenced by jewish thinkers and theologists like Elie Del Medigo in order to create a religion that was more compatible with the roots of judaism than catholicism that forbids usury and despise materialism.
    To make it short, we can say that protestantism is a step towards noachism.
    Lets not forget that protestantism uses the Old Testament as its book of reference…
    This is even truer with the anglican church that was developed with the guidance of rabbis, mainly coming from Venice-Italy.
    Being an agnostic I’m not giving a judgment of value here, just stating facts.

    Second, the “love affair” between jews and the anglo-saxon elite goes back to the rule of Oliver Cromwell who permitted jews to settle again in England after their expulsion from the Kingdom in 1290. Cromwell was so infatuated with jews that he believed the Brtits to be one of the lost tribes of Israel and tried all his life his best to prove it.

    Then, this relation was definitely sealed when in 1656 (still under Cromwell…) when the jews finally chose England as the “camel to ride” rather than Holland that they considered too small a country, not strong enough politically and military wise. This choice was also made because England made the link between the European “old world” and the “new world”.


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