Stack the Deck: The Trump Candidacy Considered as Cryptographic Prank

Well this is all a bit esoteric for my tastes.

Trump’s daughter converted to Judaism and married a Jewish man. Trump’s son married a Jewish woman. Trump is, himself, essentially a Jew.

Donald Trump is the epitome of a cuckservative.

Trump has never said or done anything pro-White, ever. Trump has spent his entire career fronting for Israeli interests. Trump did a freaking TV commercial for Netenyahu.

So really, what is the big deal? He said some illegal immigrants are criminals? Well no shit. Trump is soft of immigration, he supports an amnesty for illegal immigrants and he promotes mass non-white immigration into White countries and only White countries. Certainly not his favorite country, Israel.

So can someone explain to me why I’m supposed to be all excited about Donald Trump running for President?

Aryan Skynet

Whether or not one accepts Michael A. Hoffman II’s spiritual worldview or his insistence on a specifically freemasonic alchemical iconography, his fundamental insight that a sick sense of symbological humor seems to be at work behind various world events is difficult to dismiss. In recent history, this current manifests in the intelligence industry’s decision to dub its “Islamic” mercenary proxy “ISIS” – “she who bleeds but is not injured; she who bleeds but does not die, represented numerically by the mean number of days in the menstrual cycle, 5” – and for these reasons identified by Hoffman as the correlative of the five-sided Pentagon, the symbolic “feminine principle” in the 9/11 equation1.

Michael A. Hoffman II, publisher of Revisionist History Michael A. Hoffman II, publisher of Revisionist History

Hoffman sees the iconographic system of the Rider-Waite Tarot as the inspiration for much of what he characterizes as the Cryptocracy’s “Great Game”. “The attack…

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