The Hilarious Costume Clowns At “”

Let’s critically examine a supposed “pro-White” group, TradYouth.

The first thing to notice about them is that the name itself is a blatant lie: they are neither traditional, nor youth. The main people behind this fake group are Matt Parrott and Matt Heimbach.

People will accuse me of fomenting “infighting in the movement” or somesuch but that’s bullshit. There is no “movement” – I’m sure as hell not a part of any “movement” that includes TradYouth.

People want to forget the past because when you take a longer-term view of things, you start to notice patterns and things that seem confusing become obvious. So it is with the rather amusing story of Matt Parrott, Matt Heimbach and TradYouth.

To be clear – I don’t know either of those people. I’ve never met them. All I know of them is their online presence, and in the case of Matt Heimbach I’ve seen him on TV a few times. I have no “inside information” or anything like that. Anyone can verify what I’m saying by simply looking up their statements on their websites.

So here’s the story with Matt Heimback. A student at Towson State University in Baltimore, Maryland, Heimbach started a “White Student Union” and got a bunch of press. He made some decent arguments, if every other group of people are allowed to have student unions, why not White people? He was covered all over the press and some of it was relatively even handed, at least not the full-throated anti-whiteness you typically get from the press. And in the beginning, Heimbach did an ok job. He came across as moderate, polite, smart, well-spoken, and clearly not a “hater” of anybody.

He kept up the act just long enough to rope in two White celebrities: Jared Taylor and David Duke. As soon as Heimbach got these two men to officially endorse him, Heimbech started his play acting.

As Baltimore, Maryland has a significant Black population, it has a significant Black crime problem. So Heimbach decided he was going to “protect White women” from Black men by holding “safety patrols” around the Towson State University campus.

Did any White women ask for his “protection?” Of course not.

But that didn’t stop Matt Heimbech. Matt and his other dorky looking friend started the “safety patrols” to “protect White women” from Black men. No actual White women were involved. In fact, no one was involved at all. Matt Heimbech and his dopey looking friend simply walked around in front of TV news cameras with silly looking outfits.

Again – remember – look at the situation objectively. There were no White women involved. There were no Black people involved. It wasn’t a “real” anything – it was Matt Heimbech and another friend play-acting for the local TV news. That’s all it was – a publicity stunt. Literally Matt Heimbeck and a friend walking around in front of TV news cameras.

They lied – saying they were “protecting White women” from Black men – but that wasn’t true at all. The reality was they were play-acting for the local TV news stations.

Not long after Heimbeck doubled-down and played the starring role in a TV news short about “nazis.” Heimbeck played the role to the hilt – he posed for the cameras lacing up his brand new skinhead boots, talked about how White men need to “arm” themselves, shot guns for the camera, and even made some comments about “JOOOS” that may as well have been scripted by the Anti-Defamation League. He posed for pictures with “neo-Nazis” and literally, actually did a “Heil Hitler” “Seig Heil” for the news cameras.

Maybe a year later, Heimbech changed his costume. Instead of doing public appearances as a neo-Nazi, he decided to be an “orthodox Christian.” So he grew out his beard really long, and built a large wooden cross that he took to a “Slut Walk.” You remember Slut Walks, right?

So you have Matt Heimbeck yelling and screaming at liberal White women – holding a fucking wooden cross – and gets his mug in the news again, looking like some crazy asshole. What does any of this have to do with White people? Good question, eh?

Now, Heimback and Parrott run this fake “Traditional Youth” group. There’s no members, of course. It’s likely about 5 people. It exists only online. They want to promote “traditionalism” by some hilariously dorky role-playing, like Dungeons and Dragons for adults. They want you to become an “Avalonian Legionnaire” by taking an oath to a Christian saint.

Their supposed Christianity is completely fake as well. Parrott was raised a Mormon and Heimbeck, I believed, was raised non-religious. If Heimbech was actually religious he would join a typical Protestant church. But that wouldn’t work for his play-acting, so instead he joined some Orthodox church.

The Orthodox church rightly booted his ass the very second he started dragging their names through the media. It was obvious to everyone that Heimbeck didn’t believe a damn word of anything he was spouting, here was merely using some innocent Church group as a prop in his play-acting for the media.

Now, compare and contrast Matt Parrott and Matt Heimbach to another pro-White, Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent.

Now I am sure that Hunter Wallace is embarrassed of some of the things he has said and done over the years, but look at his trajectory.

Hunter Wallace joined a REAL traditionalist group that has a REAL tradition – the League of the South. The Confederacy was a REAL nation with a REAL people and a REAL history and they have REAL monuments with actual REAL bodies in the graves. Wallace and the League of the South do real-life, respectful demonstrations with a REAL flag. In fact, Hunter Wallace is now married to a REAL woman and has a REAL child.

Matt Parrott and Matt Heimbach are the exact opposite. Orthodoxy has never had much of a presence in America. While Hunter Wallace stayed with his REAL tradition – he grew up Lutheran and is a garden-variety conservative Southerner – Matt Heimbech just makes it up as he goes along. He’s not an actual Orthodox Christian and his family has zero history in Orthodoxy. Orthodoxy is merely another prop for his play-acting.

Matt Heimbach’s pinnacle was a conference for Stormfront where he gave a speech titled “Death To America.” In this speech he gave the typical “NRx” line that everything about America was wrong, all the Founding Fathers were wrong, and we should instead reinstitute some sort of Monarchy – you know, like the Queen of England – and LARP like it’s 1599.

How anyone can observe this idiocy and take it seriously is beyond me. It’s entertaining, to be sure. But I sure don’t want to be associated with any of it.

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