Greg Johnson Lies About 9/11 Yet Again

I think that as more and more facts came out that indicated that Israelis had advance knowledge of this, in order to prevent people from taking that seriously, they cooked up some really wild conspiracy theories about disappearing airplanes and nanothermite and stuff that eventually charged the whole thing with such an air of fervid irrationality that normal people are turned off by easily documentable facts about 9/11.

Thermetic material was found in the World Trade Center dust. It is not a “conspiracy theory” it’s physical pieces of matter that have been looked at under a microscope and even ignited in the laboratory. Videos and photographs of the thermetic material have been public for well over a decade, available to anyone with ten minutes and an internet connection.

There have been patents granted for various types of modified thermite specifically designed to demolish buildings.

Greg Johnson is a very intelligent man, and he’s very well educated, so the idea that he has never come across the evidence discovered by Dr. Steven Jones of Brigham Young University and Dr. Neil Harritt of the University of Copenhagen of thermetic materials is unlikely, to say the least.

Which means Greg Johnson is purposefully lying about the 9/11 Truth movement and the specific, physical evidence that was discovered.

“Nano-thermite” is NOT a “conspiracy theory.” It’s physical matter. It’s a chemical compound used to demolish buildings, and it was found in numerous dust samples from the World Trade Center. Many people have theorized about a conspiracy to rig the World Trade Center buildings with thermetic material, but the fact it was discovered in the dust is not a “conspiracy theory.”

Dr. Steven Jones was physically threatened and eventually fired for doing basic chemistry. The 9/11 Truth movement was brutally suppressed in the United States of America during the 2000s. A shocking number of witnesses to 9/11 wound up dying in rather suspicious ways.

Yours truly, the author of the Hipster Racist character, was personally offered a quarter million dollars in what amounted to “hush money” to not discuss what I witnessed on September 11, 2001, at the World Trade Center.

I’m now living outside of the United States because of the threats and pressure I was under after I started writing about 9/11.

Greg Johnson is a liar. I do often speculate about his motivations for lying but I haven’t come up with anything other than Johnson simply doesn’t care about truth, for him truth is simply pragmatic. It’s actually a very Jewish idea of “truth.” But Johnson is interesting in that his attacks on the 9/11 Truth movement have been consistent for nearly a decade and he uses his platform to attack truthers is astonishingly dishonest ways.

Of course, Johnson himself would be counted as a “9/11 truther” for saying that Israel had advance knowledge of the attacks, which they did, possibly because they were the main perpetrators. The film “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” was created specifically to attack people who suggested that Israel had prior knowledge.

2 thoughts on “Greg Johnson Lies About 9/11 Yet Again

    1. Johnson is far too intelligent and his attacks on truthers are far too clever to be merely ignorance.

      So in the excerpt I quoted, he does what I call “meta-debunking.” He doesn’t actually look at any evidence, simply assumes it’s impossible for the official story to be incorrect, therefore we don’t even need to look at the evidence.

      Matt Parrott used a similar “meta-debunking” technique in the other thread (although Parrott is not in the same league intellectually as Johnson.)

      If you don’t think that Matt Parrott and TradYouth are effective advocates for the White cause, or if you think their media play-acting is actually detrimental – that’s a “conspiracy theory” too, so it must be wrong.

      Johnson pairs two so-called “conspiracy theories” in the above quote, “disappearing planes” and “nanothermite.”

      As I mentioned, the thermite isn’t any sort of “conspiracy theory” at all, it’s physical evidence. Its discovery was by forensics – NOT theories about a criminal conspiracy.

      So Johnson pairs this forensic evidence with “disappearing planes.” Now what does that even mean? What is this so-called “conspiracy theory” about “disappearing planes?” I’ve basically never heard of it. I’m sure, I have no doubt, that someone somewhere has come up with some fanciful narrative about “disappearing planes” but the actual 9/11 truth movement has never suggested such a thing.

      None of the survivors or their family members have ever discussed “disappearing planes.” AE911Truth and Richard Gage have never discussed “disappearing planes.” David Ray Griffin never discussed “disappearing planes” and neither did Christopher Bollyn.

      So why in the world would Johnson take the forensic evidence – “nano-thermite” and pair it with this ridiculous strawman, “disappearing planes?”

      Again, Johnson is an extremely intelligent man and he was written a surprising amount of verbiage attacking 9/11 truth. Johnson is absolutely capable of understanding the difference between discovering thermetic material in the dust and some random story about “disappearing planes” that essentially no one even talks about.

      This is why I say he’s lying, not making a mistake. He’s simply too intelligent to make a mistake like that, or fail to understand the difference between finding thermetic material in the dust and “disappearing planes.”

      Johnson, of course, is not the only person using this tactic, but he’s the only leader in the White movement that does it.


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