Right In Front Of Your Face

Before ANolen shut her site down, she wrote a very interesting article about an early form of “personality assessment” used by the intelligence community. It was psuedo-scientific and likely not particularly accurate, but it apparently had some utility and was able to point out a cluster of personality traits common among a certain faction of people.

In Nolen’s opinion, these were “narcissists” that were often the targets of the intelligence community because these people were easy to influence. In her article on Orwell, she said these “narcissists” often displayed “power worship” and that sometimes “power worship” was expressed sexually through various kinds of “S&M.” One early personality assessment noted that the members of the Young Communist League had a “theatrical” personality.

Often in the “White Nationalist movement” you hear certain people saying “we” need to “take it to the streets.” By this, they mean to engage in a bit of street theater called “protesting.” In this form of theater, you go out in public with a big sign and wave it around, hoping that people will look at you and your sign. The people who like to do this will tell you what they want is for people to read their sign, and agree with their “message” but if you are over the age of, say, 30, you realize that what these people really want is for people to look at *them*.

Quite often, when people engage in this kind of “street theater” they will also wear costumes. Tea Partiers famously dressed up in period gear from the late 1700s and wore tricorner hats, associating themselves with the American War for Independence and the Founding Fathers.

There exists an unusual Christian group that likes to wear chains around their necks and wear t-shirts with the slogan “so sorry for slavery.” Well I say “group” I mean there is one guy, his young children, and occasionally a few extras. They wear bondage props and do a public exhibitionism to “atone” for whites putting black people into slavery. Their public appearance with their necks all chained together is supposed to “remind us of the horrors of slavery” but it’s completely unhistorical and has absolutely nothing at all to do with the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade nor African slavery in North America.

It’s just some guy expressing his sexual kink in public under the guise of a “protest” or a “demonstration” or “outreach.”

Back in the 1970s through about the 1990s, there were “street preachers” in many towns and college campuses in America. Often these “street preachers” would hold up up signs that would list “sexual sins” that they were “warning” the students they must not engage in, otherwise they were risking the “wrath of God.” The signs were generally a catalog of Bible verses about various sorts of sex. Usually, the list went somthing like this: no fornicating, no adultery, no abortion, no sodomy, no pornography.

Sometimes the “street preacher” would engage with the students about forbidden sex and whether the student had “accepted Jesus” or was “going to hell.”

Maybe a decade ago a locally well known “pro-life protestor” killed his wife or something. He had spent years “protesting” at abortion clinics, sometimes yelling at women going inside. His son did a quick interview with the press and said his dad didn’t care about saving babies, nor did his dad care about women’s health, but his dad loved nothing more than to “verbally abuse” women. If he could say something cruel enough to make then cry, he would get a deep sense of satisfaction from this. The “pro-life” thing was merely play-acting, a cover for what he was engaged in.

I’m sure many people who are reading this have witnessed the “anti-fa” – “anti-fascists” – leading some “protest.” These are the lowest dredges of the left-wing, often “anarchists” wearing hooded sweatshirts or Che t-shirts. They may have multiple piercings and frankly need a bath.

Now, ask yourself – what kind of person would want to “counter-protest” the anti-fa? I believe the “anti-fa” “protested” outside of Amren last year, and it was two weird looking dudes holding up some sign about “nazis” and “fighting racism” or somesuch. The conference ignored them, and in fact really everyone ignored them. They seemed pretty damn bored themselves. I mean, unless the $PLC paid them I can’t even see why they bothered.

Now, imagine if some “White Nationalist” or “traditionalist” person came up to you and said:

Hey, join our traditionalist society. We’re going to go on to college campuses and counter-protests the leftists. We’re going to counter-protest the Slutwalks. We’re going to counter-protest the communists, the Zionists, and lead the fight against “modernity.” We’re going to hold up protest signs about how we’re going to “lynch modernity” complete with a picture of a lynching.

What would you think? Come on, be objective. Forget that this is “your cause” for a moment.

How many kinds of loser is that? First, the whole idea of “counter-protesting” the pathetic remnants of the “anti-fa” is, itself, pathetic.

Second of all, who is the audience? How would the typical college student in America react to this sort of clown show? It’s already bad enough to be called a “racist” but to be associated with people “protesting” on campus against “modernity” with pictures of people getting lynched?

Third, what is the mesasage? “Lynch modernity” – what the fuck does that even mean?

Now, if I was, say, the editor in some magazine like the New Yorker. Say, I’m a Jew that hates White people. I especially hate “racists.” What am I going to do?

Am I going to interview an honest and slightly boring college professor, like, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, to give a fair and reasonable argument for the natural interests of White people?

Am I going to interview a polished, attractive, well spoken spokesman like Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, or Lana Lokteff?

Would I interview a talented comedian, like a RamZPaul type, that makes the White cause seem harmless and obvious?

Of course not. Instead I’d find a group of narcissists doing “street theater” with off-brand messages and lynching signs. I’d find a group of religious fanatics (sincere or insincere, who can tell?) talking about “sodomites” and “fornicators” yelling Bible verses.

I’m going to find unattractive and angry looking men and cover them harassing normal looking women.

Notice there is no need for any “conspiracy” because “narcissists” who want people to look at them are everywhere. While the average pretty girl wants people to look at her and think she’s pretty, or an average guy might want people looking at him in awe of his athletic prowess, some people enjoy it when others look at them with hostility. These are the types of people attracted to “public protests” of “controversial” and unpopular causes.

Anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows that this sort of thing turns people *off* to the message. So you either believe the people engaged in this are so dumb they don’t understand that pictures of lynching will turn people against their supposed message or you believe that they are smart enough to know and they are doing it on purpose.

There’s no need for any “conspiracy theory” at all because “theatrical” narcissists who get off on negative attention are everywhere. The local news loves nothing more than some jerk-off who likes to see his face on TV and is willing to make an offensive fool of himself if that’s what it takes.

“The Traditionalist Youth Network at Indiana State University prepares to take to the streets to publicly lynch Communism.”

2 thoughts on “Right In Front Of Your Face

  1. Street protests is for clowns most of the times.

    ‘Power worship’ and narcisism are very common traits to most people, you could say that American don’t worship God but the US Military and the security apparatus.


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