Joseph Atwill Explains “Weaponizing Anthropology.”

Weaponizing Anthropology documents how anthropological knowledge and ethnographic methods are harnessed by military and intelligence agencies in post-9/11 America to placate hostile foreign populations. … Price’s inquiry into past relationships between anthropologists and the CIA, FBI, and Pentagon provides the historical base for this expose of the current abuses of anthropology by military and intelligence agencies. … Price examines the specific uses of anthropological knowledge in military doctrine that have appeared in a new generation of counterinsurgency manuals and paramilitary social science units like the Human Terrain Teams.

TLDR; In the 1950s USA looked at the tactics of the USSR in dealing with “inferior tribes.” The USSR encouraged various non-Russian tribes/ethnos in the Empire to embrace earlier folk customs. The Russians took a “spectator” role and the inferior tribe took a “performance” role.

Instead of integration into the Russian tribe, or technological and social advancement leading to competition with the Russians, the “inferior tribe” was to look to an idealized past. They would embrace archaic styles of clothing that would set them apart from the Russian tribe. The tribe was to embrace a simple and rural life largely separate from the Russians. The Russians, in turn, would support their folk arts and festivals.

Then the US had the 1960s, in which a brand new kind of popular culture was distributed over the newest mass media technology, television. All of a sudden you had “hippies” dressing like cowboys and Indians, talking about “getting back to the land” and even an early form of “survivalism.”

For Blacks, there was “Afro-centrism” where older African tradition was to be reborn or re-imagined. Africans would not integrate, but set themselves apart with unusual African names, archaic styles of dress, and an embrace of “African tradition.” They would “perform” their culture for the Whites, and the Whites would be their appreciative “spectators.”

This had the effect of easing these people out of mainstream society and having them regress, not progress, in terms of technology and socially. Hippies were certainly not going to stage a coup, disrupt a market, or run for political office.

You want to keep an idea from spreading? Turn it into a subculture. Make sure people who are associated with that idea dress in a certain way, use certain symbols, listen to specific kinds of music, have particular consumer tastes, or otherwise set themselves apart from “normal” society. The more the subculture alienates the wider society, the more unique and colorful it is, the better.

So you don’t want Occupy Wall Street types to be orderly, normal, well-dressed middle class people. You want them to be hippies camping out. You want them to be screaming and militant. You want them to “look like protestors.”

You want them to “perform.”

Wave a camera around and someone will stick their face in front of it – this is like an Iron Law of human behavior.

6 thoughts on “Joseph Atwill Explains “Weaponizing Anthropology.”

    1. Atwill is a mixed bag, but his review of the book “Weaponizing Anthropology” is great, as is his “Manufacturing the Deadhead.”

      The idea of encouraging the “inferior tribe” into “setting themselves apart” from the wider society while embracing their “traditional culture” is sublime.

      They “perform” their “traditional native dances” and you make sure to show up and applaud them. They are the “performers” and you are the “spectators.”

      It’s sort of obvious once you see it.


    1. There was something similar detailed in a recent mainstream article on “Islamic State” that was reviewed at Radix Journal. They suggested that NATO could “tame” radical Islam by turning their radicalism into harmless cultural things – they specifically mentioned how some factions of very radical Muslims have constant arguments over the length of their short pants or what colors were “Islamic” for men’s clothing.

      They can be as radical as they want, argue over obscure verses in the Koran and “out-sharia” each other over meaningless trivialities.

      Just think of orthodox Jews arguing over whether they can push elevator buttons on the Sabbath. In the larger scheme of things, it’s meaningless, but it gives them a purpose in their lives.

      Kevin MacDonald wrote an article on Putin that has a similar dynamic. Putin embraces traditional, orthodox Judaism – while he ruthlessly purges atheist, activist non-religious Jewish oligarchs.

      Wouldn’t it be better to have Jews trying to out-kosher each other than pushing cultural Marxism? Some orthodox Jews even argue over microscopic shellfish in drinking water.

      Let them embrace stuff like that, as it has no effect on us.


      1. “Kevin MacDonald wrote an article on Putin that has a similar dynamic. Putin embraces traditional, orthodox Judaism – while he ruthlessly purges atheist, activist non-religious Jewish oligarchs.”

        I think Putin did this to avoid anti-semitism accusations, there is a video of Putin saying that the Bolshevik Revolution was done by a majority of jews but he says this without looking anti-semitic.

        The fact is that the Tribe is out to get him, the Murkan Empire is the jewish Empire and Russia is on their way.


      2. Right, Putin said that about secular, leftist “activist” Jews – in front of an audience of religious segregationist Jews.

        Orthodox Jews, with the hats and the outfits – they can’t prey on a modern society. Look at NYC – they are landlords for Blacks and diamond merchants.

        The real Jewish power in NYC is not orthodox dudes in goofy outfits – it’s Michael Bloomberg.


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