Parrott Responds To Me Calling Him A Liar By Lying More

First thing, right off the bat, Parrott lies. He says I called him out because he’s not a 9/11 truther. But of course, that’s a lie. Richard Spender, Hunter Wallace, and Gregory Hood are not 9/11 truthers, and I never called them out, did I?

I’m fairly certain there are only three “White Nationalists” I have ever criticized. Those are Greg Johnson, Matt Parrott, and Matt Heimbach. I called those people out not for not being 9/11 truthers, but for being liars. For instance, I have no idea, nor do I care, what Heimbach thinks of 9/11 – I called him out because he’s a liar and a clown that does far more harm than good. The best thing that Heimbach could do for the White cause is to stop talking and stop chasing news cameras around. Every time Heimbach is on TV, the White cause suffers.

Parrott calls you a “conspiracy theorist” if you notice his multi-year pattern of “mistakes” and outright lies.

Greg Johnson is a tougher nut to crack because he’s actually smart and effective, unlike Parrott and Heimbach, who are simply attention-seeking costume clowns.

Before Parrott makes up wild “conspiracy” claims again – let me be clear. Parrott is not in any “conspiracy.” The media is in a “conspiracy” to find and publicize narcissistic idiots like Parrott and Heimbach and show them on the TV precisely because it makes White people look bad.

Again – Heimbach carries around crosses to “protest Slutwalks.” Heimbach gives speeches about reinstating a monarchy and LARPs as a “Legionaire.” One of their cohorts ran a fake political campaign under the slogan “with jews you lose” and rants and rails like a Cartoon Nazi.

This is not “street protest” it’s cringe-inducing attention-seeking.

Simply compare and contrast the idiocy (and utterly insincere religious posturing) at TradYouth vs. the smart and effective activism coming from everywhere else.

4 thoughts on “Parrott Responds To Me Calling Him A Liar By Lying More

    1. Nah, the commenters on AlternativeRight and RadixJournal have already dismissed the TradYouth crowd as not worth paying attention to. I mean just look at the responses – one is accusing me of being a homosexual and challenging me to a duel (one wonders if this guy dresses in period gear, like a cape, as part of his RenFair role-playing.)

      The other is suspicious of anyone criticizing the Jews unless they recognize they are actually ruled by … Satan. Cue Black Sabbath dude … duh duh duh.

      Really, I made an off hand comment about Matt Parrott because CC was doing *yet another* article about freaking Alex Jones. Parrott and Johnson both do this, project this “conspiracy culture” idea onto anyone who broaches a “conspiracy theory” and acts like we’re all part of some Alex Jones cult.

      I’m fairly certain I have never, not once, posted anything about Alex Jones. I find the guy’s voice utterly irritating.

      Although the video where he put socks on his ears and barked like a dog saying he was a “trans-zoo-phile” – I admit it, I did laugh.


      1. Yes, it was CC’s coverage of this that inspired the post. Greg Johnson pretends to scratch his head over why Alex Jones has an audience and why the WN movement didn’t get “that crowd.” It’s real simple. Alex Jones leveraged 9/11 truth to build an audience at the same time Greg Johnson was attacking truthers. Of course it’s too late now. Even Matt Parrott’s little clown garage knows he’s wrong about 9/11. It’s just that at a time when having the courage to tell the truth about such a censored topic would have earned them some credibility, they instead took the time to attack and distance themselves. In Johnson’s case, he still does. Johnson writes about 9/11 A LOT – a surprising amount.

        The same thing happened when ISIS came along. While even the most brain-dead of liberals suspected the coverage of ISIS was propaganda, Johnson et al decided to hype it as yet another neo-con “clash of civilizations.”

        People really make too much of Alex Jones anyway. He’s a shock jock. Likely a majority of his audience doesn’t take him particularly seriously. A lot of people watch him like they watch Glenn Beck – half tongue-in-cheek.

        Johnson acts like the people he labels “conspiracy theorists” are part of some “conspiracy culture” or even a “cult” led by Alex Jones. This is absurd, and it is quite revealing about the mindsets of certain people. Again, Nolen’s writing about “narcissists” and the types of organizations they form is really applicable I’m guessing.

        Let’s put this in context too. I’m not asking for any money. I’m not trying to get my face on the TV. I’m not parading around in the streets trying to attract attention to myself. I’m not trying to get anyone to join my little club. I’m not holding myself out as any sort of “leader.”

        So I have no incentive to lie about anything.


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