Traditional Youth Network Harasses Waitress

Notice this guy Robert Ransdell. He was the target of a RamZPaul video “With Clowns We Go Down.” Robert Ransdell ran a fake political campaign and printed up a bunch of signs that said “With Jews You Lose.” He stuck these signs around his neighborhood and got a 30 second clip on the local news.

Troll websites like DailyStormer went nuts praising him for “spreading the message” about how … “with jews you lose.”

Now, to internet trolls this is very funny. I admit it, I laughed. But of course every single actual person who saw a sign that said “with jews you lose” now is less receptive to a real political analysis about Jewish power. The next time a thoughtful commentator, like Steven Walt, starts talking about the Israel lobby on TV the people who saw the “with jews you lose” sign is going to associate reasonable discussion of Jewish power with trolling.

Go look up Robert Ransdell on youtube and you’ll find videos of him play-acting. He, in fact, yells and screams like Alex Jones. He talks about how “the white man” needs to “stand up” and uses all sorts of harsh rhetoric.

Of course this is play-acting. He sounds like he’s an actor reading a script. Anyone with the slightest amount of emotional intelligence understands this guy is an attention-seeker. He loves it when people look at him, and it doesn’t matter if they “agree” or “disagree” – as long as their eyes are on him.

This isn’t a political thing, it’s a personality thing. It’s a psychological thing.

Now look at tubby, unattractive Matt Heimbach pathetically attempt to flirt with this waitress. The woman is on the clock. She’s wearing her uniform. She HAS to be polite. So she sits there listening as Robert Randsdell explains to her what a “dindu” is.

He even thinks he’s funny, explaining the internet trolling joke “dindu.”

Again – please look at this situation objectively. Is Robert Randsdell doing *anything* help to the cause of White people? Is Matt Heimbach doing *ANYTHING* to advance the cause of White people?

Of course not. If anything, quite the opposite. This poor waitress is going to go home and – at best – complain to her boyfriend about a couple of ugly fat geeks harassing her at work about racism or something.

The best thing that Traditional Youth Network, Matt Parrot, Matt Heimbach and Robert Ransdell could do for the White movement is SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Shutting the fuck up, going home, and stop making asses of themselves in public would HELP the White cause. It is literally the very best thing this clown act could do.

But they will NEVER do that, because the cause of White people isn’t what they care about. These are “theatrical” people. That is their personality. They enjoy getting attention in public. They are not particularly dissimilar to the exhibitionists who waggle their weenies in front of unsuspecting women on a bus – it’s the same instinct.

“Look at me! Give me attention!”

Notice that Heimbach even wears unusual outfits. Sometimes he wears armbands and skinhead boots – that’s his “tough” look. Othertimes he looks like some sort of wanna-be biker, complete with a leather vest and a cross necklace. Other time he dresses like an Orthodox Christian priest and carries around a big wooden cross – that’s called a “prop.”

If you happen to believe White people should be allowed to have their own nation – good. But that is no reason you have to accept these clowns as legitimate spokespeople for the cause.

Do you think any of these people have the introspection to even ASK themselves the question: “do my public performances help or hurt my cause?” Do you think Matt Heimbach has the character to even CONSIDER the question, “am I really the best person to be the public face of this movement?”

He can’t even get his fat ass down to the gym. Just consider the look on his FACE when a camera is pointed at him. Look at how pleased he is with himself. Look at the pleasure he gets from the TV camera and the attention he receives. Even when his fans aren’t around, even when the attention is negative.


Anyone who has ever worked in media (raises hand) knows how to find these people. They are narcissists. Set up the situation correctly and they would get on all fours and bark like a dog – they will do anything for attention.

And we know just how to manipulate these people. It’s like stealing candy from a baby.

When criticized these people will say “but at least we are doing something! We are getting our message out there!”

That is exactly the problem. They are so lacking in self-awareness they don’t even realize the actual message the media is getting across: “look at these clowns, you don’t want to be associated with them now do you?”

In any case, my guess is that Robert Ransdell is the “handler.” He’s the fully conscious one that knows what he’s doing. Parrott, Heimbach, and the little blonde midget guy are the suckers. They are driven by oversized egos and extreme narcissism which makes it EASY AS PIE for Ransdell to manipulate them.

Please, run the thought experiment yourself. Ask yourself who in Traditional Youth Network came up with the idea of taking old lynching comics and turning them into signs to parade around on campus. Lynching comics. Parrott acts like that was some sort of “mistake” and that they just need a little bit more “message discipline.” Giving Parrott the benefit of the doubt that just shows how completely CLUELESS the man is, that he thinks that was some sort of “mistake.”

Then again, I’ve been observing these people for over five years now and since I wasn’t born yesterday it’s perfectly obvious to me what is going on.

No one should take this as a “friendly-fire attack” on Parrott or the youth network. I have nothing to do with those people. I am not in any sort of “movement” with those people. They are not in any way “on my side.” They are just another TV show that I criticize, no different than Bruce Jenner or Kim Kardashian or other people into posting videos of themselves on line.

8 thoughts on “Traditional Youth Network Harasses Waitress

  1. As much as I’d like to see a little “street activism” and “the white man stand up and fight back,” I’m afraid your dead right on all accounts HR. Clowns don’t help us at all. I have my issues with RamZPaul but he was right with his estimation of Ransdell.


    1. Parrott has said what he wants to do quite clearly: he wants to create “radical traditionalist subcultures.”

      This would, presumably, mean costumes, outfits, attention-getting stunts, performances, harsh rhetoric, etc.

      Now the Youth Network isn’t quite as bad as, say, the National Socialist Movement, the guys that dress up in Nazi uniforms and do Hitler salutes and the like, but it’s one step away from that.

      They want to create a “subculture” – complete with religious LARP-ing – notice, not actually mainstream Christianity, but adding in all sorts of other silliness, about
      King Arthur and imaginary role-playing as Crusaders and Legionnaires and the like.

      They want a “sub-culture” and they want to parade their sub-culture in front of the public, and maybe even get a handful of converts.

      I want the exact opposite. I want there to be a pro-White mainstream culture, not a sub-culture. I don’t want outfits, armbands, or uniforms. I don’t want to listen to “White Power music.” I want to appeal to normal, everyday White people.

      In certain cases, public protests are justified. Robert Randsdell screaming down a BlackLivesMatter speech is counter-productive.


      1. A group that really plays into the hands of the ADL and assorted anti-White organizations is an outfit in Britain going by the name of National Action. Check them out. They actually borrow and modify ISIS iconography as if to suggest they’re similarly radically militant. They wear hoods like the commutes and anarchists at all their “events.” Probably as controlled as ISIS too – MI6 has to be all over them and probably leading them. Take a look at their propaganda and tell me what you think.


    2. The A3P used to do tabling at public fairs in San Diego. They had normal looking men – *and women* – passing out professional looking flyers about immigration, crime, and the economy. I’m fairly certain they used the term “white” so it wasn’t just “implicit whiteness” but explicit.

      College Republican clubs have for over a decade held “affirmative action bake sales” to highlight the anti-white policy of “affirmative action.”

      That’s the kind of public demonstrations and outreach that appeal to normal, average White people.

      Screaming and yelling, *pretending* that you are “protecting white women,” single dorky guys talking about black men “raping their women,” truly idiotic fantasy role playing about King Arthur and Legionnaires, “protesting” Slut Walks while waving around crosses, skinhead boots and armbands – freaking *lynching signs* – really, how are we supposed to take any of that seriously?

      How could any person of even average IQ think *any* of that stuff is effective? How could any person of even average intelligence think that that sort of thing *won’t* turn off normal White people?

      Yet these fools want us to believe they are “media savvy” because, hey, they got their faces on TV!


      But the thing is, Matt Parrott and Matt Heimbach are *not* stupid. It’s not that they didn’t realize how their clown act was going to be received.

      So, you know, it is what it is. It’s all fairly obvious.


    1. Joe Owens is great I read a good review of his book.

      Of course, he’s right about this:

      But you know what’s worse than white trash looking for a scuffle?

      Educated, middle class whites pretending to “street battle” because it makes them look tough and gets attention.


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