Weaponizing Anthropology

Following up on this:


This is the money quote from the research of Gregory Bateson:

The most significant experiment which has yet been conducted in the adjustment of relations between “superior” and “inferior” peoples is the Russian handling of their Asiatic tribes in Siberia. The findings of this experiment support very strongly the conclusion that it is very important to foster spectatorship among the superiors and exhibitionism among the inferiors. In outline, what the Russians have done is to stimulate the native peoples to undertake a native revival while they themselves admire the resulting dance festivals and other exhibitions of native culture, literature, poetry, music and so on. And the same attitude of spectatorship is then naturally extended to native achievements in production or organization. In contrast to this, where the white man thinks of himself as a model and encourages the native people to watch him in order to find out how things should be done, we find that in the end nativistic cults spring up among the native people. The system gets overweighed until some compensatory machinery is developed and then the revival of native arts, literature, etc., becomes a weapon for use against the white man (Phenomena, comparable to Ghandi’s spinning wheel may be observed in Ireland and elsewhere). If, on the other hand, the dominant people themselves stimulate native revivalism, then the system as a whole is much more stable, and the nativism cannot be used against the dominant people.

OSS can and should do nothing in the direction of stimulating native revivals but we might move gently towards making the British and the Dutch more aware of the importance of processes of this kind (Bateson 1944:6-7).

The "Archaic Revival" in action. "Hippie" David Crosby with his Navy Intelligence father. Can you recognize a costume when you see one?
The “Archaic Revival” in action. “Hippie” David Crosby with his Navy Intelligence father. Can you recognize a costume when you see one?

10 thoughts on “Weaponizing Anthropology

    1. The most famous Sufi Muslim is some wealthy Turk that lives in … Pennsylvania … and runs a world-wide Sufi “Revival” NGO.

      In the 2000s, various CFR types used to editorialize about using this person specifically, and Sufi Islam in general, as a Western-friendly form of non-political Islam. This would counter-act the very politicized forms of Islam like Salafi/Whabist Islam favored by the Saudis. The State Department openly funds these people.

      I’m sure the Usual Suspects will accuse me of promoting a “conspiracy theory” but they spend more time reading about King Arthur than reading State Department documents, so, you know, you decide which is more relevant.

      Sufi Islam can be very “theatrical” “presentational” or “exhibitionist” – the Whirling Dervishes, of course. I’m fairly certain that you could stage a Whirling Dervish show that would gain “spectators” among Turkish Muslims *AND* Brooklyn Hipsters.

      Your note about the South after the war is interesting. I wouldn’t think it was any sort of organized plan, but after Reconstruction failed (face it, the Klan just fought a war of attrition until the Federal troops were removed) the Yankee Republican establishment came up with “Americanism” – and allowed, perhaps even encouraged, Southern states to “honor their ancestors” and wave Southern flags, etc. This was the “Lost Cause” culture.

      By the Yankees accepting it, it made it so the South would not use those flags, symbols, and culture against the Yanks, but instead to prop up the national government. By the time the US invaded the Philippines and otherwise engaged in imperialism, the Southerners were all on board.

      I don’t think that was a specific plan, but in the case of the OSS post-WWII, those ideas had been systematized. It’s fairly impossible to explain “the Sixties” as anything other than a obviously co-ordinated social campaign as the documentary evidence that such a plan existed is so voluminous.

      Here’s Atwill’s take on it:


      Again I find Atwill to be a mixed bag but in this case it’s pretty obvious.

      [ed: corrected, meant “Sufi Islam” accidentally posted “Shiite.”]


  1. It’s funny that you posted this. I have lived in a rainbow family community, and I can say for certain that the new age movement was started in the 1960s. What’s funny is so many still cling to the fearful “us vs them” mentality. Go to a festival and see how gypsy, hippie, rave, tribal, pagan, ect.. roots are all intertwining with the vines of modern mainstream society. Many people at burning man are in fact there doing university studies and even work in government. All the while, spectator and participator. As we awaken spiritually, we can truly live and love in the moment. Sounds chaotic at first, but this process is necessary to bring the light.

    Namasté m*th*rf*ck*rs!


    1. >this process is necessary to bring the light.

      Don’t bogart that joint dude!

      When I was young I used to party, fuck raver chicks, and even went to a few Burning Man-type festivals.

      Of course I never thought it was anything religious or that I was “seeing the light” – it was just a good time.

      Then I got a real job. Thankfully I never got weird piercings or ugly tattoos in my misspent youth. It’s far more fun to be a tourist than taking any of that sub-culturalism seriously.


      1. Try not to take life too seriously. You will get wicked bags under your eyes sitting in a dark room staring at a computer screen.


  2. That can backfire if the “actors” become culturally virile while the “spectarors” become deracinated. David Yeagley, the late Comanche-ancestry conservative writer, talked about a White girl in the college class he taught telling him that she’s envious of his rich culture while she has none.

    I don’t disagree with the theory, which makes a lot of sense, but again, overdoing it can have unintended consequences.


    1. That can backfire if the ‘actors’ become culturally virile while the ‘spectarors’ become deracinated.

      In our case, regular White people *were* the “inferior tribe” that were encouraged to become “modern primitives,” dress up like cowboys, go “back to the land,” “embrace our native folk cultures,” etc.

      It just so happened that we were also encouraged to find “common ground” with other primitive groups: Afro-centrists, Indians (just look at how much Amerindian culture was promoted in the 60s/70s and 90s.)

      bookooball describes it perfectly:

      cling to the fearful ‘us vs them’ mentality. Go to a festival and see how gypsy, hippie, rave, tribal, pagan, ect.. roots are all intertwining with the vines of modern mainstream society.

      All peoples and all races united under One Techno Beat, drugs included!

      I don’t think that “Afro-centrist” professors dressing up in “traditional African garb” and calling themselves “Nahishi-Mumbumo” are ever going to become “virile” enough to challenge the real elites in America.

      In fact, only White people can even become “deracinated” – only White people have that “egalitarian individualism” that allows them to integrate non-Whites into our “moral ingroup.” That’s a weakness only Whites have, due to our own evolutionary profile.

      Of course, the situation in the US in not exactly analogous to the situation of the USSR and their primitive Asiatic tribes. But you can see from the work of people like Gregory Bateson as to what they had in mind and the kind of tactics they were proposing. Instead of waiting for a “primitive tribe” to develop a “native revival” on their own, which may have offered a culture of competition with the ruling class, the ruling class simply created a sort-of “astro-turf native revival” that was superficial and exhibitionist and performance-oriented.


  3. Sufism is Cabbalism for muslims, a lot of mystical munbo-jumbo for the hippy crowd.

    But is not only those hippish cults that serve the USG, the CIA recruits Mormons directly from the Utah universities.

    Evangelicals play some of the most important role on the American Imperialism in Latin-America, Africa and Asia, converting the Coloreds of the World to their Pharisee worshipping faith that is vital for the ZOG.


    1. Mormonism is gloriously right-wing. I’m pro-Mormon. Of course the intel agencies would want to recruit Mormons.

      You are very right that the Evangelical cults (really Pentecostal) have been “weaponized” against Latin America. Pentecostalism has historically always been pro-miscegenation and anti-rational. I’ve described it as “Rastafarianism without the ganja.”


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