Taylor Swift’s New Hipster Racist Video Earns Her A Good Hard Spanking

Taylor Swift has been a very, very naughty girl, what with her new hipster racist video for “Wildest Dreams.”

It’s not that I want to turn her over my knee and give her a good hard spanking but someone has to do it so I’ll take one for the team and volunteer.

Everytime I go to youtube Taylor Swift dominates the front page. Face it, she’s just about genetic perfection. I would impregnate her all night long and some the next morning too. That gal could birth some beautiful White babies. She can have my 14 babies and 88 grandbabies any day (h/t Rudeforthought and Ghost of Virtve Past @ TheRightStuff.biz.)

She’s about as classy as a pop singer can be and she’s only dated hot White hunks – no Miley Virus is she. She started out singing country – The White Music – and now she holds up the Implicitly White end of the pop spectrum. I wouldn’t mind my 12 year old daughter – or my 28 year old trophy wife – being a fan of Taylor Swift.

Apparently, she’s pissed off the Usual Suspects for her new video suggesting the total Racial Cleansing of Africa – that’s our gal! (h/t CantSpellAshkenaziWithoutNAZI @ TheRightStuff.biz.)

“Taylor Swift’s new Wildest Dreams video is criticized for being ‘racist’ and based on a ‘glamorous white colonial fantasy’ of Africa”


Of course, the video is directed by Joseph Kahn (*cough*) but no one is going to mention that … but he says it’s ok, he didn’t murder any Palestinian babies while filming the video and he included a couple of Token Negroes in a few shots.


I nominate Taylor Swift as the new Official Hipster Racist Goddess.

Sieg Swift! Heil Taylor!

Sieg Heil
Sieg Heil

All of Taylor’s proceeds from this video will be donated to wild animal conservation efforts through the African Parks Foundation of America.


5 thoughts on “Taylor Swift’s New Hipster Racist Video Earns Her A Good Hard Spanking

  1. i’m not a Swift fan and there is NOTHING racist here. Not even a hint. You people have gone completely crazy. [Assumed response: “What do you mean ‘you people’?”]


  2. Negro behavior is become, increasingly,, risible and violent. As a people, they are dangerous to themselves and others. In Africa, the situation is even worse, with genocide increasingly becoming their way of life, from Darfur to Rwanda. Where it is not violent, the political economy of its states is Mugabeville. “Racist” has become a non-word, devoid of semantic content, indicative of the speaker’s low intelligence in using it. The better criticism is that the whole Dark Continent is not worth a moment of any ones time, least of all a woman who embodies the physical perfections of Western Civilization.

    I don’t listen to her music, if that is what it is, and have no interest in her career. She should become some rich man’s wife and pop out babies – that at least is of proven social utility. Similarly, while Madonna’s career is clearly past its expiration date, I can’t help but admire a little her hobby of collecting orphans and giving them a decent life in the USA. I suspect that unlike Joan Crawford, wire hangers are not part of her child rearing tools. Poor thing, and she looked so sweet in the nudes she did back in the day.


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