Get Out, Indeed, Me Boyo

Source: Get Out, Indeed, Me Boyo

Postmaster P

That’s raw, my brotha man.

dressing up in drag

Dave Chapelle said that all the Hollywood producers eventually try to get black men wearing drag.

A few months ago I was watching an old CBS news special from 1968 about “race relations in America.” The interview asked a standard issue “black man on the street” if race relations had “gotten better.” He said, no, not at all, because white men still wouldn’t accept him as a “brother-in-law.”

So, there you have it – unless you encourage your sisters and daughters to fuck black men, you’re “racist.”

In fact, even white gay men are “racist” unless they have sex with black gays. That’s “sexual racism” – but really, isn’t all racism “sexual” in some way?

Oh but wait, you can still be “racist” even if you are dating a black person:

It’s almost as if “racist” is just a code word for “white.”

Although I will say this, if you’re forced to associate with an African, the best way to go about it this: I remember one grand dinner party by the most politically correct of White women – an actual professional feminist, to be precise. Well, her social set – how shall we put this? – was quite “lacking in diversity.” In fact, it was whiter than a FOX News Tea Party. She really needed at least one Person of Color. So how did she do it?

She found the gayest, queeniest, most flamingist of Negroes available in the state. That way, she could have some “color” at her dinner party without actually having a real life Negro harassing all the white wimminz.

Problem solved!

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