4 thoughts on “Larry’s Lucky Streak Strikes Back

  1. Hi Hipster,
    Sorry to be completely off topic but do you mind giving me your take on Bernie Sanders and the hype surrounding him ?
    Just would like to hear a few words from an American with whom I share some political views..


    1. Eight years of Obama, the Progressive Liberal Hope, doing essentially nothing for “the base,” has left them demoralized. So Bernie Sanders is throwing red meat to to them. This keeps them from going third party and keeps them from staying home – if they vote in the primary, they’ll vote in the general for Hillary.

      No one really expects an 80 year old communist Jew to actually win the Presidency, so at some point he’ll drop out and endorse Hillary.

      This also has the effect of keeping out serious contenders – like Joe Biden or even Al Gore (both have been asked to run)- from mounting an actual challenge to Clinton.

      Hence you see that Bernie Sanders isn’t really attacking Hillary.


      1. Thanks !
        I think I get a better idea now. BS is just another tool, a card played by the system to propell HC in office. We have plenty of such controlled opposition as well here in European politics.
        All this proves once again that not much (if anything at all) can be expected from elective democracy (or democracy of opinion, or market democracy, call it how you want), unless a miracle unlikely to happen.
        The thingy is well and truly locked in order to stuff it up our poop chute.
        Not that I expected much of a freudo-marxist jew in the first place ! just wanted to have another view on the buzz surrounding BS, a buzz so powerful that it has reached our shores.
        Take good care.


    2. Also I think they want to position Sanders as the “Ron Paul of the left.” They saw that Ron Paul was popular among the youth as an “elder statesmen” so Bernie is trying to play that angle.


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