Some Early Morning 9th Grade Physics #DonaldTrump #Trump2016 #MakeAmericaGreat

It really only takes 9th grade physics. You don’t need more than the basics. So ask yourself – why all the mystification? Why all the denials?

Why do we have obviously intelligent people lying?

Watch the body language of the NIST spokesman reporting about WTC7 in 2007 – notice the positions of his hands, his eye movements – the man looks like he’s being held hostage or something.

Now sure I agree that it doesn’t matter in a lot of contexts. But you have to ask yourself why we have supposed dissidents constantly attacking the truth – even going so far as to pretend they don’t understand basic high school physics, or they don’t believe their lying eyes?

Has anyone noticed that Donald Trump is now being attacked as a “truther” – he isn’t backing down either. I’m not really buying what Donald Trump is selling, but I have to admit, he’s the most entertaining politicians we’ve had in years.

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