TradYouthTrolls Excluded From NPI Conference

Some good news and good judgement out of the pro-White movement!

The costume clowns at Trad Youth Network are pretending that Matt Heimbach was uninvited to the NPI conference because he was “anti-gay.”

However, putting things in context, it wasn’t that at all. Let the organizer of the NPI conference, Richard Spencer, explain:

NPI will, however, exclude those who show reckless disregard with the media, or those who’ve made morally indefensible public statements. Such people make our movement look bad. We choose not to grant them a platform. It’s as simple as that.

I’ve written before about how Matt Heimbach is a “media clown” – he purposefully puts on a clown act for the media – in fact, that is the entire substance of what Heimbach and his associates do. They are “edgelords” – they try to be “radical.” Heimbach even changes his outfits depending on what character he is playing.

When he wants to be “tough” he puts on skinheads boots and leather jackets.

When he’s pretending to be an “orthodox Christian” he puts on Russian hats and carries around a big wooden cross as a prop to wave around at liberal women.

Heimbach and his associate, Robert Ransdell (who ran a fake political campiagn and distributed signs saying “With Jews You Lose”) stand around at rallies and scream and yell faux-“tough guy” slogans.

It’s all a completely phoney act, anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see that these people are not sincere, and they are not in substance different than the long line of fake “neo-Nazis” and actors that the $PLC has traditionally given publicity too. Matt Heimbach is just another in a long line of “radical neo-nazis” like the Jew Frances Cohen and his “Nazi” party, and also fake “jihadis” like Joseph Cohen of “Revolution Muslim.”

In fact, Heimbach is basically a creation of the $PLC. He was a nobody until the $PLC made him a star. Contrast that to Spencer, or someone like RamZPaul, who got an audience FIRST before the $PLC started smearing them.

I am sure – I have no doubt – that the fake group “TradYouth” – neither traditional, nor youth, let’s not forget – the group that waves around lynching signs and wears nazi-like armbands while Heimbach seig-heils for the cameras – I have no doubt that they are going to suggest they were excluded because of their strong stand against “sodomites.”

But don’t be fooled. Heimbach was excluded because he is a costume clown. He was excluded because he likes to get his ugly face on TV and give catch-phrases that can easily be used to slander the pro-White movement. That is all Heimbach does; that is his job.

It’s not that we can PROVE he is working for the $PLC in order to discredit anything pro-White.

It’s that it wouldn’t change anything if he was, so he may as well be.

Good on Richard Spencer and NPI. Just remember, “With Clowns We Go Down.”

5 thoughts on “TradYouthTrolls Excluded From NPI Conference

  1. From a comment over at Radix that should put Matt Heimbach in focus, for those who doubt what I’m suggesting:

    Our ideas rarely get mainstream television coverage. Heimbach was the subject of a “Nightline” special:


    1:01 — Says his political opponents deserve a “short drop with a tight rope around their necks.”

    1:50 — Chants “the day of the rope is coming.”

    3:30 — Toasts: “We’re racists. White power.”

    6:10 — Camera zooms in on Matt’s (?) Klansman figurine. Matt hangs out with his avowed Klansman buddy.

    8:40 — Matt meets with two young black boys, then tells the interviewer that there are “so many within the pro-white movement . . . who would say that those young boys . . . would be targets.” The interviewer clarifies: “They should be killed?” Matt: “Yea.”

    Here is part 2:

    3:30 — Matt talks with a black nationalist, suggest they “hang a couple of bankers.” Says we need to “get rid of the international elites.” Says he “only sees one place” for “white people who are traitors”: “in a ditch.”

    If you still can’t figure it out, I’m not sure what to say, because it’s all pretty damn obvious.


  2. Was that nightline appearance the one from like a year ago? I don’t remember hearing those quotes. Your latest rant against TradYouth, however, is more cogent and less pettily vitriolic than the last round – and more convincing.

    Personally, I don’t know what to think. I disagree heartily with both Matts but objectively, don’t think they come across as fake or sacharine for some reason. I don’t know why. A middle class kid is the closest you’re going to come to for a working man’s representative, by the way. It would be too hard for someone ‘unlettered’ to do the job.

    Worse, I don’t really like either gig. Both groups have such glaring issues and problems. The Matts actually seem like nicer people at least in person (haven’t met either in the flesh but have talked to one a bit). Spencer is a trust fund primadonna to the max. Both indulge misogyny, although Spencer’s seem worse in part because he’s so spoiled and effete.

    Right now TradYouth actually scores a bit higher even though I can’t relate to them. At least they’re semi consistent. Spencer’s brand of misogyny is way worse than TradYouth’s. He’s the type I coined the word ‘faggotry’ for, as some straight men fag out far worse than some gays. It takes a trust fundie…

    Always remember, everyone has a price. For the true heroes, it’s death. For the mere mortals, it’s just a matter of how many coins…


    1. I disagree heartily

      Check it out, folks! It’s “Harley” under yet another fake handle, doing her/his “lesbian” “feminist” “dyke” act – this time, posing as a defender of Matt Parrott.

      Should I feel complimented or insulted that my blog attracts these deisel dykes?

      I’m going to go with “offended” – Harley hasn’t posted here in months, but when Matt Parrott and his partner Matt Heimbach get under pressure, that’s when Harley shows up again, to give us the Dyke Perspective.

      I swear it’s like a conspiracy or something.


    2. Harley chose this moment to attack Spencer for … “misogyny.”

      Has Richard Spencer said anything even remotely ” misogynist?”

      Nope. Not even close. But Harley chose this time, during this particular incident – when the $PLC and TradYouth are trying to cause fights over so-called “social issues” – this is when Harley shows up to make absurd and non-sensical accusations about Spender and NPI.

      I’m telling you folks, it’s like clockwork. Once you understand the pattern it’s extremely easy to predict what they are going to do next.

      What is Matt Parrott doing now? Why, he is scanning the media for stories about gay sex orgies and posting them on his site, to prove that *everyone else* is secretly in a gay conspiracy against him.

      Neat, huh?

      This non-incident with NPI and $PLC and TYN, I feel like I’ve been completely vindicated about stuff I’ve been saying for over a year.


  3. All’s I know about Radix (or most of it) is that he had some little princess bee type rhetorically and literally genuflecting for a bunch of hive betas around the topic of some other largely irrelevant conference more than a year ago. She claimed she spoke for the essential ‘feminine.’ Gag. Puke.

    I’m comfortable saying I speak for a lot of women’s reaction to the confagulation americana since unbiased reports and visual media have women’s – young, old or in between – attendance pretty low.

    Further, I maintain that sexism is a function of capitalism or at the least of the class system. So a bunch of snide elitists shitting on the working class and poor in their racial royalist cognac klatch grosses me out. Did you listen to that steppesister Lana Wannabee and Spencer insulting the down and out americans littering their White Carpet? If that’s your sense of true Christianity or presbyterianism, I can tell you it’s not mine or my people’s. In Greece, Ireland, and places like Sweden (not as sure since most reports aren’t in English), the nationalists fight for their people and most markedly those most betrayed by the traitors who call themselves leaders – the working man who is, increasingly, the poor.

    Nothing could come closer to a jew production than that, Hipster. You can hurl aspersions and confabulations at me, but it’s the truth nonetheless. As for your accusation of ‘diesel dyke,’ the middle class white guys I hang with wouldn’t beg to differ with you. They’d punch you in the face with hands that never had their ‘masculinity’ taken from them by keyboard alphas who never built the foundation of a house, car or country.


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