Matt Heimbach is Purely a Media Creation and Matt Parrott Thinks a Gay Ku Klux Klan Conspiracy Is Out To Purge Traditional Youth Network

This week the Traditional Youth Network attempted to disrupt and discredit the National Policy Institute’s annual conference, apparently in coordination with the Southern Poverty Law Center. Using the same four or five “extras” off line, and a dozens or so online personas, TYN have accused NPI of conspiring with a shadowy group of wealthy homosexuals to purge “Christians” and “traditional” people from the “White Nationalist movement.”

Matt Heimbach was a college student that started a campus “White Student union” and recruited all of two students. He was immediately given national media coverage and spent the next five years traveling around the country, doing photo-ops with neo-Nazi and Ku Klux Klan groups – groups that are also heavily publicized in the media despite having essentially no membership. During this time Heimbach starred in dozens of TV news reports and at least two feature length “hate exposes.” Apparently, he spent three weeks performing for ABC News cameramen who followed him around as he donned costumes and uniforms, held “protests and demonstrations,” and quoted lots of “edgy” lines about violence, murder, and “race war.”

Heimbach never actually did anything.

His “White Student union” was in no way successful and did nothing but bring media attention to Matt Heimbach. It received no support from students anywhere in the country. Heimbach never “converted” anyone to “the movement,” but instead has appeared before existing “White Nationalist” groups, like Stormfront, and even they kicked him out after his first appearance.

Heimbach never built an organization. Heimbach never wrote anything or contributed anything intellectually. All Heimbach has ever done is appear on the TV news, posing for cameras, doing street theater, and “demonstrating” and “protesting.” His audience has been strictly the existing “White Nationalist movement,” such as it is.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has publicized him since the beginning and declare that he is “media-savvy” which Heimbach’s (six or so) followers also repeat constantly. Heimbach is apparently “media-saavy” because he gets his face on the TV news a lot. He gets on the TV news a lot because he is “media-saavy.”

Like Kim Kardashian, another Reality TV actor, Heimbach is only famous for being famous.

First – why is anyone buying Matt Heimbach’s and Matt Parrott’s “Christian” act?

How do we know that Matt Heimbach is a Christian? Easy – he appears on the TV news “praying.” Sometimes he even “interprets” Bible verses for the cameras. He even had lunch with a radical Black Separatist where they both bowed their head and prayed before their meal.

Yes, of course, the media was invited to film Matt Heimbach and this “radical Black racist separatist” having lunch together. That’s how you know that Matt Heimbach is a “real activist” – because he has TV cameras follow him around – even when he has lunch with black radicals!

Heimbach did join an orthodox Christian church, and we can tell it was a serious conversion because he immediately announced it to the TV news, and grew his beard real long and started waving around crosses at Slutwalks – you know, like that Brother Nathaniel guy. For whatever reason, the actual orthodox Church decided he wasn’t a real convert at all, but merely using them for his media show, so they ex-communicated him. Does Heimbach go to church now? Who knows.

But if you think that Matt Heimbach is just some idiot play acting for the media, that means you are a secret homosexual in a conspiracy to purge all Christians.

You see, being against the Traditional Youth Network, Matt Heimbach, and Matt Parrott means you are against Christianity as a whole, all Christians, and Jesus Christ himself.

I mean, really, just go read the Traditional Youth Network’s comments on that thread. There’s about six handles posting dozens of comments. They claim that opposition to Traditional Youth Network is opposition to Christianity, religion, tradition, and all part of a “homosexual purge.”

In fact, suggesting that Matt Heimbach isn’t really “media saavy,” but rather a very non-photogenic clown that gets TV coverage precisely because his appearance and TV persona are so off-putting to the average white person is enough to set off Matt Parrott’s gaydar:

It seems to me that anybody even moderately observant could discern the homosexual undertones in the egregious and repeated emphasis on Heimbach’s lack of physical attractiveness and on the anti-Christian and anti-Traditionalist filibustering.

The Traditional Youth Network: they are not really traditional and they aren’t really youth. They no more believe in orthodox Christianity than they do their Avalonian King Arthur role-playing. Their “activism” – meaning their street theater – is similarly facile.

Second, why is anyone buying Matt Heimbach’s and Matt Parrott’s “working class” act?

Heimbach is middle class with a college degree in history. No, after college he didn’t start digging ditches or become a plumber – he became the media’s “go-to” White Nationalist, traveling around the country doing media stunts and news interviews. Parrott is an Info Tech computer guy, not exactly a welder or a factory worker. Apparently he has the travel-and-TV bug too.

But you can tell Heimbach is a representative of the “working class” because he’s fat and dresses like a slob and goes on TV – you know, just like Michael Moore. They even wear the same hat.

It’s all so obvious and it’s all right in front of your face, but you know, I read that they are nice guys in person and fun to have a beer with.

P.S. in that thread Matt Parrott is comparing Matt Heimbach to Winston Churchill …

How do we know Matt Heimbach is a Christian? He says so on TV …

… while wearing a cross necklace.



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