It’s Awesome that Traditional Youth Network Is Being Exposed

I called out Matt Heimbach as a fake years ago – long before he was associated with Matt Parrott – when he first did his “neo-Nazi” act for ABC. Parrott is desperate to make this about me, or about 9/11, which of course has nothing to do with it.

Heimbach is an obvious fraud and his effect, intentional or not, is to discredit the pro-White movement. That is what he does, that is why he gets all the media attention.

As for Parrott, as far as I can tell he’s a non-entity, a completely insincere dolt. I remember reading a handful of decent articles from him years ago, when he was still pretending to be a Mormon. When the blow-up with Greg Johnson and Hunter Wallace happaned, Parrott made up some absurd lie, saying that Hunter Wallace had stolen money from the “movement” and was cavorting with Black women in the Bahamas. Really, I figured that was the last I would ever hear of Matt Parrott. But he’s quite good at mending fences, apparently.

Interestingly though, Counter Currents has distanced themselves from the Traditional Youth Network.

Stormfront has distanced themselves from Heimbach and the Traditional Youth Network.

NPI has distanced themselves from the Traditional Youth Network, and TYN responded by:

1. Lying about NPI, saying that Heimbach was excluded for being “anti-gay” and that NPI is run by a shadowy group of homosexuals.

2. Lying that NPI excluded Heimbach for being Christian, as part of a homosexual conspiracy to drive Christians out of the White Nationalist movement.

3. Lying that NPI excluded Heimbach because he “names the Jew” – a rather ridiculous lie considering Kevin MacDonald was a keynote speaker, as was the guys from and Red Ice Radio, two media channels that have never shied away from the Jewish Question.

4. Disqus handles defending the TYN made up completely false rumors about the leader of NPI being a homosexual and wrote a number of homoerotic posts about him. These rumors have come from internet handles both defending TYN as well as internet handles associated with the “anti-fa.” (Probable OPP member “Harley” emailed me personally to declare that the leader of NPI was a homosexual and a “misogynist” – this person emails me on a regular basis trying to find out information about various people in the “movement.”) So here you have the Traditional Youth Network AND the “anti-fa” spreading the same rumors about NPI at the same time.

I called out Traditional Youth Network as the fake it is months ago, long before this conference was planned. I merely pointed to Heimbach’s long record of costume clownery, his attention whoring, and his close working relationship with the media. This isn’t a guy that did a few interviews – Matt Heimbach is 100% a media creation, he never actually did anything of substance to warrant any of this media attention. He didn’t create a real organization. He did not write a book. He did not bring in a bunch of college students to “the movement.” He contributed nothing intellectually.

Heimbach’s entire career has been 100% clowning for the media, including with costumes, armbands, skinhead boots, and props like crosses.

Parrott and Heimbach wear their purported religion on their sleeves and claim to be sincerely relgious, but the reality is that Heimbach only converted to orthodoxy after reading a political book and was immediately ex-communicated for using the orthodox church for his media campaigns. Matt Parrott is also pretending to be orthodox, although he was apparently ex-communicated too.

So take their religiousity with a grain of salt as it’s clearly just another part of the play acting.

On the other hand, after reading a bunch of Scott Terry’s blog posts, I’m willing to believe his is a sincere Christian. Although, he’s not married and has no kids, so in the real Presbyterian church he would have no authority whatsoever. His signaling as a theonomist is likely a function of his immaturity. That’s why people like that operate OUTSIDE of the actual Christian church, because otherwise the legitimate Church authorites would reign them in.

This is, of course, exactly what happened to the real “theonomist” movement.

It’s also funny how Parrott claims poverty, yet admits that people wonder where all the money is coming from? After all, Heimbach and Parrott travel all over the country, performing for the cameras, making videos, and the like. Somebody has to be paying for it.

Now, of course, Parrott wants to make this about “conspiracy theories” and the like, but that’s just so much posturing on his part too. I called out Heimbach the very first time he did his Nazi shtick for ABC news, years ago. While most people were saying he “made a mistake” I said that it’s likely he wasn’t making any “mistakes” or “getting the message wrong.” I said the neo-nazi act is his job, that is what he is getting media attention for. In the intervening couple of years, he’s proved my suspicions over and over again, as his act gets more and more ridiculous.

The Orthodox Christian church has distanced themselves from Heimbach and Parrott, Stormfront has distanced themselves from Heimbach and Parrott, now NPI has distanced themselves from Heimbach and Parrott.

One assumes they are all in a Grand Homosexual Conspiracy?

LOL, and as far as the all-too-common potshots at 9/11 Truth, I notice that Matt Parrot’s OWN tard corral at TYN are essentially truthers as well, as well as Parrott’s buddies at TheDailyStormer, you know, the troll site that publishes known disinfo from Jews working with Rita Katz’s SITE Intelligence propaganda campaign.

LOL – it’s all so absurdly transparent. I know a little bit about this business, which is why I can usually figure it out quicker than others, but – as you can see – everyone from the Orthodox Church, to the gay pagans of Counter Currents, to the traditional Christians of Stormfront, to the good-looking hipsters at NPI – eventually EVERYONE can see through the act!

So folks, just keep on watching. Eventually Parrott and Heimbach will be involved in more disinfomation, more fake religious posturing, more idiotic “street theater” and more disruption. After all, it’s their job.

the traditional and traditionalist nationalist voices must be silenced and ‘drummed out’

Remember, NO ONE is drumming out real traditionalists, no one is excluding real Christians, and no one is “silencing” real conservatives.

What is ACTUALLY happening is that Parrott’s and Heimbach’s ridiculous posturing is finding less and less of an audience among serious people – both in and out of the “movement.”

Make no mistake, folks, the NPI conference was a HUGE COUP for the pro-White movement. It was a win and that is exactly why Parrott and Heimbach are upping their disinformation campaign.

Of course, I have to admit, I didn’t expect them to be so gay about it, but whatever.

11 thoughts on “It’s Awesome that Traditional Youth Network Is Being Exposed

      1. Hey Harley,

        I have – quite literally – 200 emails from you from the last year.

        I’ve saved them all – even the ones where you told me how you sexually fantasize about me and think about retiring with me on the beach.


        I mean, I could easily post them – it’s a huge amount of literature you have written me. For a while there, you were sending me FOUR a day.

        I saved all of them,in a folder named “Harley.”

        I’ve always found your act highly amusing.

        Apparently, your act is to call everyone “misogynist.” Mindweapon is a “misogynist.” Richard Spencer is a “faggot” that “hates women.”

        Quite literally, for an entire YEAR, you’ve been sending me these emails.

        I should post them, it might be educational. Is Harley really just some lonely old lady with nothing to do but correspond with the author of a spanking porn blog?


      2. Wait, wasn’t I the ‘diesel dyke?’

        Or did Matt Parrott make that up…I’d prefer hasbian if you please, your fantasies notwithstanding. Perhaps I should be flattered.


      3. Folks, I have no idea what “Harley” actually is. She sends me emails pretending to be a 30 something redhead. When I trolled some Catholics, she all of a sudden sent me emails about how she loves Presbyterianism.

        She even sent me a picture of herself, when she emailed me about how she was having “romantic” thoughts about me.

        I mean, I’m not even sure if she’s a real woman, of course. She seems to be operating with the One People’s Project – she was attacking Mindweapon at the same time they were, she attacking VikingBitch at the same time that OPP was, and now she just showed up after months claiming that Richard Spencer is a “faggot” and a “misogynist.”

        200 emails, folks, he/she/it has been corresponding with me for a year.

        This is hilarious, it’s fun.

        I should publish some of the emails, it’s hilarious!


      1. Interesting, I was under the impression that Hunter and Matt Parrot were on good terms. I wonder why he would create such a salacious rumor about Hunter. A rumor that was obviously meant to undermine Hunter’s credibility when it comes to racial issues.” A White Nationalists who pays black women for sex” would not go over well within the WN community.
        I have to say learning that Matt did indeed start this false rumor, I have lost respect for him. Wasn’t he some kind of a Mormon or something? Not a very Christian thing to do.


      2. I don’t know anything about Hunter Wallace, or Matt Parrott, or Matt Heimbach, other than their own statements that the publish on their own blogs, and Matt Heimbach’s copious TV appearances.

        Parrott has been on something of a charm offensive recently, after Heimbach was uninvited from the NPI conference.

        So I don’t care about Hunter Wallace, Matt Parrott, or Matt Heimbach. I have no insider gossip about them. I have never met any of them.

        But all you have to do is simply watch what they are doing and it’s obvious. If Mindweapon or Hunter Wallace are still buying Heimbach’s act – that’s on them. A monumental lapse of judgement.

        Fortunately, serious people like NPI are distancing themselves from Heimbach’s clown act.


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