I Never Voted For Matt Heimbach

Hipster Racist, author of the internet’s most popular White Nationalist 9/11 Truth Spanking Porn blog, would like the public to know that I never voted for Matt Heimbach to be the spokesman of the pro-White movement.

Apparently, the media decided to make Matt Heimbach the spokesman for the White Nationlist movement. The Southern Poverty Law Center never consulted me, I didn’t even get a courtesy call. All of a sudden, one day, ABC, CBS, NBC, salon.com, and dozens of other publications started interviewing Mark Potak of the Southern Poverty Law Center saying that Matt Heimbach was the “new face of hate” and that he was really “media-savvy.”

To me, it seemed that Matt Heimbach was the exact OPPOSITE of “media savvy.” Every single time he was on TV, it was painful to watch. When he started a “patrol” of his college campus, to “protect White women,” I felt like I had enter Kafka Land. I mean, there were no White women involved, just Matt Heimbach and his dorky looking friend and they were literally just walking around campus.

Of course, they were followed by news cameras, so the whole thing was apparently nothing more than a TV show.

What exactly did Heimbach do to all of a sudden be promoted by the Southern Poverty Law Center as the new spokesman for the pro-White movement? Because when Matt Heimbach first started his media appearances, we already had, let’s see:

1. Kevin MacDonald, who had just survived the attempt by the $PLC to have been fired from the University of California.

2. Jared Taylor, who despite having his American Renaissance conference broadcast on C-SPAN in the 1990s, had his events shut down by terrorist bomb threats against hotels.

3. Richard Spencer creating a really great professional publication, AlternativeRight.com.

4. Good old David Duke, still plugging away, making high-quality, polished youtube videos and surviving a few attempt to have him banned.

5. RamZPaul, hotshot star of one of the funniest youtube channels ever and getting tons and tons of traffic.

But the news media never covered those people. Instead, the news media constantly covered Matt Heimbach walking around campus, his fake “campus group” having, if the TV shows are to be believed, two members.

The news media did feature films of Matt Heimbach, too. Heimbach was not a passive participant here, Heimbach literally worked directly with ABC News and many other media channels, where he posed for the cameras and made a number of “radical” and “edgy” statements. He even did things like pose for the news cameras while he laced up his skinhead boots and “Sieg Heiled” for the audience.

Remember – put this in focus. Heimbach was not a passive participant here. He worked directly with a number of media channels, according to his own testimony, WEEKS at a time. We’re talking daily interaction with the news media and purposefully posing for the cameras.

Remember, too, Heimbach had no natural audience. No one showed up at his “White Student Union” meetings. He did not create an organization. He did not write a book.

Kevin MacDonald wrote a ground breaking trilogy on Jews. Jared Taylor literally wrote the book on White Identity and spent twenty years organizing the premiere pro-White conference.

Richard Spencer worked for Pat Buchanan’s American Conservative, Taki Magazine, and essentially invented the “alternative right” and now runs the excellent Radix Journal blog.

Ram Z Paul is about the funniest channel on youtube and just generally kicks ass.

The news media, of course, never publicized them.

But the news media did publicize … Matt Heimbach, some fat dorky guy who doesn’t know shit about shit and never did anything but pretend to “save white women” from black men while he literally – LITERALLY this is all he did – walked around campus.

Well, he and the, like two members of the White Student Union did bow their heads in prayer – FOR THE CAMERAS – and then Heimbach decided to tell us “as a Christian” how he “interpreted” a verse in Timothy.

I mean, “actor” is the only word that can describe this. Don’t let Matt Parrott fool you into thinking this is a “conspiracy theory” – quite literally, Matt Heimbach is an actor – that is what he does – he puts on performances for the media. He works with the media.

I am sure that he has had employees of those media companies put make-up on his face.

If that isn’t an “actor” my friends, what is?

Because what has Matt Heimbach done EXCEPT for acting for the media? Literally nothing.

Please notice that there is no “conspiracy” here, despite what Matt Parrott would have you believe. The facts are very, very obvious to everyone. Matt Heimbach is not at all “media-savvy.” Matt Heimbach is not a great thinker. Matt Heimbach has not recruited the “college crowd” to being pro-White. Heimbach never actually created a White Student union, officially or unofficially, that was anything more than his two friends, apparently not even students at his college.

Quite literally – ALL Matt Heimbach has EVER done is act for the media. That’s it. And the Traditional Youth Network is essentially just an extension of that. They do “street theater” and sometimes get media coverage. They are actors.

It’s a theater group. A painfully dorky and unserious theater group.

Who the hell made them spokesmen for the pro-White cause? Because I sure as hell didn’t.

Of course, Heimbach could very well be just some dope that doesn’t have a fucking clue, which is quite plausible. Maybe he really doesn’t realize how media-unsavvy he really is.

But really, why are the rest of us expected to play along?

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