We Never Asked You To Parade Around For The TV Cameras

Folks, ask yourself a simple question. When people claim to be “activists” in the “White Nationalist movement,” what does that **mean** exactly?

There is no real official White Nationalist political party, for many reasons including that third parties don’t (can’t) really exist under America’s election system. There’s a few mailing-list and petition operations, like A3P, who do good work, by the way. There are writers; bloggers, publishing houses, youtubers, etc.

But online you read a lot of people talking about “taking it to the streets.” This is usually paired with a lot of posturing at being more “real” or even more “working class” – more “boots” less “suits.”

But again, what does this mean exactly? What are these people proposing? Usually, these people are proposing doing street theater. So, they want to stand at an intersection while waving signs. For the really weird ones, they like to wear various costumes or outrageous attire. They may want to “protest” something.

You have the ask yourself: what are they trying to accomplish by this behavior?

There are some kinds of “public activism” that can be very effective. The highway overpass banner thing usually gets at least local media coverage and good pictures you can then post online. Various Bob Whitaker BUGster types have hung highway overpass banners with “Mantra” related slogans.

My personal opinion? This is good, useful, effective “public activism.”

Since, to my great surprise, Hunter Wallace of OccidentalDissent.com chose to link to my outing of the Traditional Youth Network as the hilariously obvious fakery that it is, I’ll mention that “public activism” by the League of the South is appropriate, effective, and I heartily endorse them doing public demonstrations waving the Confederate flag.

Now, ask youself: what about marching around a college campus wearing an armband?

You see, no one wears armbands, do they? Other than at Halloween when you dress up as a Nazi Stormtrooper, no one ever wears an armband.

In fact, you can’t even buy armbands outside of a costume shop. I mean literally, go to any store where you buy clothes, hell even go to the Goodwill, and you will find precisely ZERO armbands for sale.

Yet Matt Parrott and Matt Heimbach actually had armbands made up with the symbol for the Traditional Youth Network. I mean, they had to do that. They had to either order those, or make them.

From what I read online, Matt Heimbach is just some idiot and Matt Parrott isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer either. But neither Matt Heimbach nor Matt Parrott are so stupid as to think that wearing armbands and marching around a college campus with lynching signs was going to “help the White Nationalist cause.”

They may be dim, but they are not literally mentally retarded.

So, Matt Heimbach and Matt Parrott did that on purpose. And not only did they do that just once, just sort of a “mistake” that maybe a young person might make, they have added even more hilarity to the Traditional Youth Network.

They have created little “Avalonian” clubs where you take an oath to a Saint. It’s some sort of Dungeons and Dragons medival Crusader thing.

They signal really, really hard about Christian Orthodoxy, even though they have ZERO institutional ties to any legitimate Christian organization, orthodox or otherwise.

Heimbach just got married and from the look of him it’s the first time he ever had pussy in his life. Good for him. But it’s not like Heimbach knows anything about anything. He doesn’t even have any kids yet. He is not a mature, wise person that should be “leading” anything, now is he? He has a 4 year college degree in history. Ok? He’s just some dude. He has not actually contributed ANYTHING to the “White Nationalist Cause” either in physical substance nor intellectually.

He’s just some guy. But for some reason, the TV News acts as if he is some sort of “leader” of “White Nationalism.”

I mean, think about that folks. Seriously consider this.

Was there a petition? Was there an election? Is there some “White Nationalist” group that decided that Matt Heimbach is the leader of White Nationalism?

Did a bunch of White people get together and say, “hey, we need two kind of dumpy looking guys to start parading around college campuses in armbands chanting slogans about Lynching Modernity. That is going to help our cause.”

Of course not. Literally Matt Heimbach decided one day to play act in front of ABC news cameras. I have no doubt that he was heavily coached by the ABC news producers too. You know, “stand like this” “here, we want a shot of you looking off in the distance, with a serious look on your face. Just a little make-up on your nose to keep the glare out of the camera.”

What has the Traditional Youth Network actually DONE? They do “street theater.” They wear costumes. The hold “protests.”

They get a LOT of media attention.

And by all accounts, folks, Matt Heimbach and Matt Parrott are really nice guys. They get along with everybody and they know every corner of the “White Nationalist movement.” They go to all the events, all the conferences, know all the people – even know lots of “insider baseball” like who is a closeted homosexual.

Huh, that’s actually interesting, isn’t it?

Matt Parrott once responded to my calling them fake by pointing out that he is the “Info Tech” guy for many White Nationalist blogs. I believe Matt Parrott is the system administrator of Kevin MacDonald’s TheOccidentalObserver.net, or once was. So Parrott may as well be a central node of the “White Nationalist movement.” He has all the email addresses, knows all of the players, knows all of the online stuff, and – apparently – even knows that there is a secret network of homosexual Nazis in the “White Nationalist movement.” He claims this “Pink Swastika” is trying to drum Heimbach and Parrott out of the movement due to their strong Christian beliefs.

Anyone can read what Parrott writes. Agree with his ideas, disagree with his ideas, I may say he’s a dolt but he’s clearly not dumb.

So when Parrott decided to create a fake street theater group called “Traditional Youth Network” and parade around on college campuses wearing armbands and waving lynching signs …

… he did that on purpose. He didn’t “make a mistake.” He didn’t just get a little bit “off message.”

Parrott is not that stupid. Everyone knows perfectly well that Parrott is not that stupid.

So Parrott decided to start the “Traditional Youth Network” and him and his buddy Matt Heimbach decided to do a bunch of “street theater” with armbands and lynching signs. Supposedly, they did this to “recruit college students.”

And they got ALL SORTS OF PRESS too, didn’t they? Matt Heimbach is a fucking TV star. He’s been on ALL the major TV networks, dozens of interviews, feature-length programs about him.

How many young college students saw their street theater and decided to be pro-White? None? Zero? There’s a kind of dorky looking “skinhead” type guy in many of their videos. He comes across as kind of stupid and kind of low class. No, not like an “honest folks working class guy.” Not a guy that looks like he does physical labor all day long. He looks like exactly what a hipster would look like if he dressed as a “skinhead” type from 1989.

Again, remember, Traditional Youth Network is 100% a media operation. That’s what they do, they hold “protests” and “demonstrations” and they “take it to the streets” and get lots of media coverage.

I mean really, it doesn’t take much to figure this out. It’s so painfully obvious and right in front of your face, isn’t it?

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