What Will TradYouth.org Do Next?

The facts are obvious and can be discerned by any reasonable adult.

Watch the videos of what Trad Youth do, their street theater.

Look who Trad Youth are.

Go read the threads from Trad Youth partisans and defenders of Heimbach like “Erik Stryker” (notice the Hitler Salute icon) and “machiaevil” and “ezra pound.” Read their arguments and their trolling. Read the statements by those that oppose them.

Again, it’s all perfectly clear to any honest observer.

No one really believes that Matt Heimbach is “media savvy.” No one believes that the costume clown act of Heimbach and Parrott parading around on campuses with armbands and lynching signs is actually supposed to “recruit college students to the traditionalist cause.”

No one really believes that Traditional Youth doing media appearances where some barely literate skinhead talks to the cameras about “traditionalism” and Matt Heimbach talks about how he’s a Christian while he “chalks for traditionalism” is helpful in any way.

No one really believes that Matt Heimbach and Matt Parrott can create a viable, real, on the ground political organization of “traditional workers.”

All you have to do is simply watch what these people are doing. Watch their own media. It’s so cringe-worthy, so artificial, and so obviously insincere the $PLC themselves could not do a better job of misrepresenting the pro-White movement.

Again please note these people have done NOTHING of substance. Parrott and Heimbach have been around for years. They NEVER had any following. They NEVER recruited any young people. They NEVER created any viable institution.

ALL they have done is perform a stereotypical “radical” act for the media and have been willing collaborators with the media.

And when sensible people like NPI tried to distance themselves from this three-person clown act, they went to war, making up fantastic lies, personally smearing people, and made constant accusations of homosexuality.

Please simply go back to the TradYouth thread from a few months ago about me – you will find that I was called “this homosexual” by one of their posters immediately, someone whom I doubt had ever even read my blog. So this homo thing was part of their act long before the NPI conference.

Again, notice that there are no actual ties to any legitimate Christian organzation. Anybody can say they are a “radical theonomist kinist” and anyone can say that they are orthodox – but these people have no legitimate ties to any of those actual movements.

They are just freelancers talking and parading around in front of media cameras.

And now they have spent nearly a week attacking NPI in the most dishonest and underhanded ways.

There’s no secret here, it’s very obvious what Trad Youth is doing with their street theater, their media appearances, and now this anti-NPI campaign.

I’m rather surprised that Hunter Wallace of the League of the South is defending Heimbach and Parrott here. I know Greg Johnson used to make fun of him for being overweight so there’s clearly a bit of that resentment, but honestly I thought he had matured in the last few years.

Robert Ransdell isn’t fat, but he’s a clown too. That really stupid sounding skinhead guy in the “Chalking for Traditionalism” video (complete with a stereotypical “skinhead” hat and boots) he’s not fat, and he’s a clown too.

Everyone and everything about Traditional Youth Network screams “loser” and “freak” – from the way they dress, to their words, to their actions, to their media appearances, to their painfully unappealing “street theater.”

Everything. From the dorky Nazi-like armbands, to their signs, to their slogans, to the iconography – all of it screams “look at us, we’re radical!”

Their pose at Christianity is awfully try hard too, as they simply use their purported faith to attack others and start divisions.

Are they even pro-white?

Hunter Wallace should really think hard if his personal relationship with Heimbach and Parrott are enough to change these facts. I really do think that the League of the South could be somewhat effective at what they do – it’s CLEAR that Traditional Youth Network will have zero positive effect on anything pro-White (or pro-Christian for that matter.)

There is also no doubt that Richard Spencer and NPI will continue gaining more interest, while Parrott and Heimbach continue to be isolated by serious people.

All we have to do is watch and observe. The next move out of Trad Youth will be just as cringe-worthy and counter-productive as always. Their next street theater act, if it even gets press, will bring in precisely ZERO college students and will almost certainly be ignored and actively avoided by college students.

Remember, no one asked Parrott and Heimbach to drive around the country making asses of themselves on college campuses. No one in their right minds believe that any college students want to be associated with Parrott and Heimbach.

Next year they will be doing the exact same things as they are now – clownery, media posturing, and creating divisions.

That’s my prediction. Come back next year and see if I’m right.

6 thoughts on “What Will TradYouth.org Do Next?

  1. I have read your posts on these guys. Praised by the splc? That doesn’t sound right. No screaming hordes of protesters attacking them? That’s odd. No cops arresting them for racism? These guys are getting an easy ride.


    1. @rjamesd9

      Yeah, the $PLC said they are “media savvy” and apparently named Heimbach the new “leader of the White Nationalist movement.”

      But if you look at what they are doing – they aren’t actually bringing in new people to the cause. Instead, all they do is get *themselves* more attention.

      Just read their website. Their big coup is speaking before Golden Dawn’s NYC supporters.

      Did they really add anything to Golden Dawn NYC?

      Of course not. Instead, *their* notoriety was enhanced by their photo ops with Golden Dawn.

      Yet everyone says what “nice guys” they are and that they are really big in the “movement” – you know, the “movement” that hasn’t done anything worthwhile for 50 years.

      No screaming hordes of protesters attacking them?

      Oh, sometimes they get lots of attention from the “anti-fa” and they want to “street battle with the anti-fa” and think that is somehow productive – as opposed to just more clowning.

      Heimbach was recently banned from the UK – just like the Westboro Baptist Church was. You know, the other clown act “street theater group.”

      Who gives a shit about the “anti-fa?” They are just the left wing version of the “street theater” clown show.

      NPI just ignores the street trash – who wants to wrestle with a pig?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Didn’t know some of that thanks. I was thinking more of media incited black lives sideshow.

        Its so nice that the media is giving Heimbach guy such support? They must love him for some reason.

        Liked by 1 person

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