Colin Liddell of Alternative Right Exposes Daily Stormer

Scratch that. Daily Stormer’s “troll army” exposes themselves for what they are.

Who knew that some internet troll running a troll website had so many sincere defenders telling us what a “nice guy” he is?

Remember, Daily Stormer goes around attacking anyone and everyone that doesn’t act like a Cartoon Nazi.

And they publish Jews pretending to be Nazis, the same ones getting exposure from Rita Katz’ SITE Intelligence outfit.

The only “real life activism” associated with the Daily Stormer are other Cartoon Nazis, like Robert Randsdell – who is part of the Trad Youth clown act.

How many “boots on the ground” do these people really have? Maybe five? Six at best?

They have maybe a hundred Disqus handles too – you know a “troll army” ready to attack and smear anyone pro-White that isn’t a Cartoon Nazi.

Also, interestingly, they publish a LOT of gay pornography too – pictures of weirdo Pride Parades and the like.

Ask yourself, what kind of person likes to spend their time looking at and posting gay pornography?

They also LOVE to post pictures of White women with Black men. I mean, how common is it for White women to be with Black men anyway? It’s a fringe phenomenon. But Daily Stormer is there to find pictures and post them.

Catholic intellectual E. Michael Jones tells the story of what happened during the intifada. The Israelis took over the TV channels and started broadcasting porn.

What does the Daily Stormer do? They take every good pro-White source, like TheOccidentalObserver, and link them to the Daily Stormer site. So they hijack search engines and the like so people looking for real information will wind up on Daily Stormer, full of Nazis clowns and homosexual and miscegenation pornography.

It ain’t rocket science folks.

6 thoughts on “Colin Liddell of Alternative Right Exposes Daily Stormer

  1. Posted & Censored @ Cunthair Walrus’ Accidental Dipshit:

    Let’s see, you lying Internut fuktards:

    I’ve been banned from Hunter’s Internut Tard Corral since Dylann Roof killed nine niggers supposedly based upon what he read off’n the Council of Cuckservantive Shitizens web pages for pointing out that the betrayal of Resistance soldiers in 2015 mirrors what their grandparents did against the Klan in the late 1960’s — all these people ever do is pretend to fight for the declining White Race, most of which isn’t really either White or which should be saved as opposed to purged by the inevitable events.

    Yet when some effete pseudo-intellectuals hold a meeting in the District of Congoids in which only really rich bowel Movement fuktards are invited and an attention-whore of a Fatt Mongrel is denied admission, then the bowel Movement pissing and moaning reaches orgasmic climax. Why, the only way that I’d make a reservation to attend the Not Pertinent Imbeciles meeting in the District of Corruption is if I obtained a private written contract in advance from the ring-leader that I’d be dis-invited with all my money refunded, plus a 20% kicker so that they could crow about not allowing a violent certified-insane sociopath to attend. No one should ever have to go away without having some slop poured into theys’ trough. And insofar as being “faggot friendly” is concerned, as I look at it, when you are holding what is nothing more than a circle-jerk maybe some professional whigger faggots SHOULD be brought in as consultants to make sure that it is done right.

    A true Christian Israelite Man of the Right — the Old Traditional Right, not the faggy Alt-Neo-Right — views bloodline as all important. Edjewmaction is largely useless — and suspect. As Dr. Lothrup Stoddard pointed out it is the Bolshevik Left which pretends that “education is the key.” You fuktards with your sundry Internuts forums and blogs are thus really Racial Lyshenkoists who “think” that just as sowing wheat into a Siberian snowbank will produce bumper crops cum Spring, so too will jewr silly blogs, forums, and banquet-room circle-jerkeries held in exotic locations such as the District of ZOG/Babylon or Hun-garry or London or merely with the Duck’s and Milton Munster’s $permFartians in east Tennessee so that the squirrels can see the Nutzis. Like the Leninist Lyshenkoists you WhiggerNutsionalists “think” that edjewmacation can turn “Grinnie-Da-Pooh” into Reinhold Heydrich. Not gonna happen, Moan Fuktards.

    And where do you get the ZOGbux for this stupid shit is what I wonder. I stay at home and do jewtube videos with the $150 Sony videocamera and use Windows Movie-maker to put them up on my web page(s). I prefer to buy food on sale and can it up, but right now I’m taking advantage of Walmart’s rollback of 12-gauge shotgun shells. They now cost $21.88 for a carton of 100 in #8 shot. When I was 18 shotgun shells cost a quarter. Fifty years later they cost 22 cents apiece. You can melt down that #8 shot into 00 buck and really mess up ZOG-piggy’s or ZOG-nog’s day, especially if you add in some rusty nuts or roofing nails to the mix.

    Four pages of pissing & moaning about how some other rich fuktards denied some Fatt Mongrel a chance to steal the camera onto hisself. Which is fine. No slop outta my trough though. And what is with the exotic locations? I bought a huge former Babtist church in the Missouri River Valley in some 99.33 % white village of less than 300 from my sister last year. Maybe this spring for Hitler’s Birthday I’ll rent it out to you tards, cheap. None of you will be deported cummin’ in via the Kansas City International Airport. Plus the county seat 15 miles away has a Walmart super-center, a McDonalds, a Burger King, a Taco-Bell/KFC and a one-star family restaurant or two. The church still has 11 pews left out of 20 and if you want you can place the juden-media in the back pew. The basement is as large and it has a dozen or so smaller rooms. You could plug in a coffee maker and a hot-plate or a gang of a dozen crockpots or so and chow down.

    The last thing the Whigger Nationalist bowel Movement needs is [j]unity of Fuktard.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri


      1. ” . . . pulling this shtick?” Oh, OK. Sometimes I forget that you edgy cool jewboy mongrels actually think us White Men are up to something dishonest in order to gratify ourselves. Gotta remember that you Serpent-Seed mongrel faggot ass-clowns don’t place much of a premium on open honesty. But to answer jewr question, since 1993 just after Waco, back when you were just a baby jewboy sucking on jewr Esther-kikess whore mother’s huge stinking brown-nippled tits and with the local rabbi chewing on jewr kikeling cock and calling it a cir-cum-cum-cision. Why did jew ask?

        Every dog has itz self-serving dogma. The Internuts is full of them. And another mongrel with a free wordpress blog is nothing special, even though I do agree with you about the worthlessness of Trad Yoots. But other than that this blog is nothing more than a beta-kikeling aping this Persian mongrel that thinks it has quality hump-time with whiggress mudsharks and calling it “game.” Reminds me of the time when I drove a truck picking up a load of watermelons in the Rio Grande valley and had to piss and seen a copy of Hustler with a fat blonde whiggress skank abandoned for the moment by some masturbating beaner in the corner of the two-hole shitter. While you do indeed have a WordPress blog and probably a cell phone, I’ll bet you can’t pick melons as good as that beaner, kikester waycist. “Game” indeed. But when detected, gelding will end any “gaming” with you mamzers.

        You know what? In a year or so you will be yet another diseased mongrel without much of a blog — if any — and you will be doing something else — if alive.

        So you have had your 15 seconds of bowel Movement fame, The Mamzer Mattys of Traditional Yoot would have done better to ignore you and to tell Cunthair Walrus to do so as well. Every little feeb heeb dweeb needs to be left with Mommy Gretyl from the Shityl to molder in peace.

        I’ll not disturb jewr feeb heeb dweeb moldering process further.

        Hail Victory!!!

        Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
        Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri


  2. “Catholic intellectual E. Michael Jones tells the story of what happened during the intifada. The Israelis took over the TV channels and started broadcasting porn.”

    I know you’re a proud Protestant Hipster, but I think our better Christians firends for our cause are the Catholics.


    1. I’m a fan of E. Michael Jones. I’m not in any way anti-Catholic, that one post was just trolling the idiotic “NRx” guys that say Jews are blameless for all of our modern problems, it was really the Anglicans.

      That’s not even something that most Catholics believe, it’s just some stupid bloggers pretending they are “monarchist” and otherwise heavily LARPing.

      LARPing is the number one problem in the pro-White movement.

      Too many costume clowns and not enough serious people.

      E. Michael Jones isn’t really pro-White but he is right about a lot of things.


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