Petition @ Donald Trump: The USA To Conquer England

Given that:

1) The UK has been overrun with Muslim invaders

2) The English have lost the gene to defend their people

3) The English have an Orwellian Police State

We hereby request that our glorious leader, President Trump, do the following:

1) Invade and conquer England

2) Establish the House of Trump as the new Monarchy

3) Remove Muslims from the land

4) Require Americans to mate with English to remove the cuck gene

3 thoughts on “Petition @ Donald Trump: The USA To Conquer England

    1. At this point, Trump is just a tool to be used for our trolling purposes.

      Then again, Trump could behead the wife whose daughter converted to Jew and take a proper Anglican wife and start a new family. Then all would be forgiven.

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    2. A southern how-day to you, HR. (I used to hate hearing those 2 letters…) I was Originist until recently. I’m embarrassed that I only am just now checking out your site since the 1.5 years you followed me. Since then, I had relaunched my blog, was forced into hibernation, deleted all my entries and restarted over. Your entries are hilarious and you don’t take yourself too seriously. I would even predict you have some troll in you, not entirely a bad thing to my fig’rin.

      I see you had problems with a certain girl named after a motorcycle brand… or maybe not problems because she was in cyber-love with you. I posted an entry on her trolling everyone and myself, then took it down after her disappearance. But it seems she still persists on being an annoying female to some people, somewhere, at some times.

      I am responding to this comment because icareviews had also followed me a year ago or so – so by notificating both of you, I’m killing two birds with one stone… jacking off two nuts with one cock, however you want to see it.

      Anyway, I am following both of you now that my blog’s been re-rebirth’d and I hope to see more of your a-musings.

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