A Bunch of Bowie Bullshit


He was a great musician and performer.

There is NOTHING more than that.

I consider myself a fan of David Bowie.

I love RadixJournal, NPI, and think Richard Spencer is the best spokesman we have.

But there is NOTHING anything more interesting or complex to David Bowie other than being an interesting artist/musician.

Let the dead RIP. For fuck’s sake.

4 thoughts on “A Bunch of Bowie Bullshit

  1. I’m surprised at how much attention Bowie received, who knew he was so popular even in the alt right blogosphere, especially since Lemmy from Motörhead, 49% mofo and 51% soab, also just died in December 2015, with little to no fanfare…

    Lemmy used to read books into early morning hours and was a big world war aficionado, here he is showing off his collection, it’s like he had only three things in his apartment, Nazi daggers, books and plenty of Jack Daniels!

    I always remember him saying (in this documentary):

    “If you don’t mind being alone it’s a great gift, so many people now can’t stand to be on their own. Silence worries people, and they can’t read either to alleviate it, if the TV breaks down they’re fucked, the world goes away for them.”


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