1488 LARPers are not “to the right” of anyone

Can we get rid of this stupid idea that distancing ourselves from the ADL Clown Show that is “1488” style LARPing is having “enemies to the right?”

We constantly hear “no enemies to the right” and this is taken to mean that normal pro-White people, like American Renaissance or NPI, are somehow “to the left” of the 1488ers, so if they distance themselves or criticize the 1488ers, that’s having an “enemy to the right.”

There is nothing “to the right” about posting anime cartoons, Hitler memes, and LARPing as a “National Socialist.” There is nothing “right wing” about that. The 1488 culture is basically the same thing as “Cosplay” – the (very white) culture that dresses up in super hero costumes, or My Little Pony outfits, and goes to conventions to show off their outfits. That’s all it is.

Renegade Tribune (*cough* Cass Sunstein *cough*) actually promotes transparent disinformation clown John Friend, who now does videos with some guy who LITERALLY DRESSES UP LIKE HITLER. He actually has the haircut and little mustache. Ask yourself, why would anyone dress up like Hitler and associate themselves with the pro-White cause? Is it not obvious to the dimmest among us that this is simply meant to discredit the pro-White cause?

Pat Buchanan, or even Counter Currents, can write historically interesting perspective on WWII Germany, the NSDAP, and Hitler. OK. If you’re into history, that can be interesting. It’s probably useful to defang some of the “victor’s history” and war-time propaganda about WWII Germany. OK.

But why dress up like Nazis? Why cosplay as Hitler? Aside from the obvious reasons – that’s what the ADL pays people to do. As Steve Sailer once wrote, the non-existence “Nazi and Klan” movement means that the anti-white left has to pretend they do exist, as it is the KKK-razy Glue that holds the left together.

The Daily Stormer – which does nothing but attack reasonable pro-white people like Richard Specner and Jared Taylor – is not hijacking the “Alt-Right” name, associating us with their My Little Pony Anime Nazi crap. Anyone really believe that’s just a coincidence? Because if The Daily Stormer didn’t exist, the ADL would have had to create it. Is this not obvious to everyone?

Thankfully, everyone knows that the Daily Stormer is a troll site. It’s meant for shits and giggles. But if they were honestly pro-White, they wouldn’t hold themselves out as an actual pro-White site. RamZPaul mentioned that when he was asked to do an interview, they had already decided to make The Daily Stormer the focus on the piece. If TDS had any integrity, they would stop trying to associate with the serious pro-White movement and simply say, hey, we’re internet trolls. We think this is funny.

Serious pro-White people simply have to deal with it – do not allow the media to associate us with internet trolls. Chan culture is just that – a big internet inside joke – and it has nothing to do with the pro-white movement.

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