RamZPaul: Of Course TheDailyStormer is ADL-Funded

There’s a few things I disagree with RamZPaul on, but his instincts are nearly always right-on. In this great video, he says that he does think that TheDailyStormer is “fake” and “ADL-funded” without going into details. He also mentions that even if they weren’t, they purposefully play into the stereotype that the ADL has for pro-Whites.

I hope that one day some serious scholarship is done on the 4Chan culture in general. A few years back there were some mainstream media pieces about 4Chan itself. Apparently, the guy who started it was horrifically abused, sexually and physically, by his family, and his internet trolling and “hardcore” rhetoric was, basically, acting out.

It’s the internet. It’s best to assume everything is “fake.” Certainly, I hope no one takes my fiction all that seriously. From the day I registered this website, I made it clear that all I do is write fiction and parodies.

TLDR; TheDailyStormer is ADL funded, Andrew Anglin is a non-white octaroon with a fetish for third-world Asian prostitutes, and the Chan culture is really, really faggy for being into My Little Pony and cartoon Japanese girls, i.e., “anime.”

P.S., I wrote my last two posts before I saw this RamZPaul video.

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