Why White Nationalism Always Fails

I started reading the WN blogs almost a decade ago. I was impressed with people like Kevin MacDonald and Gregory Hood. I was less impressed with the “LARPers” like Harold Covington or Alex Linder. I was really annoyed by the idiots that would post comments about “taking over the government” or “guerrilla war” and other such fantasy tripe.

I’m too old for the Chan culture. I’ve never watched an anime in my life and posting Hitler memes just doesn’t do anything for me. I do think that the Chan culture has done an ok job of making Holocaust Hitler Hysteria a joke, but AFAICT that’s about the end of their usefullness.

Whenever I read a website like the Daily Stormer, I admit that sometimes it can be funny, but only sometimes, and it’s funny like “Ow My Balls” is funny. But then I read the comments. One particularly odious individual, Fr. John+, pretends to be an orthodox priest and knows all sorts of esoteric religious things, but his insincerity comes through loud and clear. He’s so religious he has declared Donald Trump to be the next Constantine – if I have to explain why that is cringe-inducing LARPing, I don’t know what else to tell you.

The Donald Trump campaign has really put these people in the WN movement in perspective. Mostly, they are sort-of dim people who live their lives vicariously, through media. Sure, there’s all sorts of reason to vote for Trump, but most WNs can’t actually make a decent argument. Instead, it’s pure wish-fulfillment and fantansy. They come up with these complex conspiracy theories about what Trump “really” thinks, and how he’s got some complicated “master plan” to do this or that. It’s so mind-numbingly idiotic, especially considering that Trump is one of the most famous people in America, and he’s been a celebrity for my entire life. It’s perfectly obvious what Trump is, and the only nationalism he’s clearly committed to is Zionism – Israel nationalism. That’s what Trump has spent his life doing.

Reading interviews from Trump insiders show exactly what you would expect – Trump chooses his “issues” based on what he thinks will be popular, not based on any sort of conviction. Trump couldn’t care less about illegal immigration, but his assistant that listened to talk radio told him that was popular. Trump couldn’t care less about Obamacare or Common Core, but those were the hot topics on talk radio at the time, so he took up those causes.

But now the entire White Nationalist movement has become little more than a cheerleading section for the Trump campaign, and truth and evidence has gone out the window as WNs try to police each other. No criticism of Trump, any one not on board with the Trump campaign must be purged or attacked, and anyone not sufficiently enthusiastic is suspected of being a Jew or a fag (or a Ted Cruz supporter.)

The White Nationalism movement was basically started by George Lincoln Rockwell. Rockwell himself may have meant well, but his idiotic “hate” shtick turned was was a popular issue – segregation – and paired it with a very unpopular issue – “Nazism.” Rockwell was the first Costume Clown and he basically single-handedly discredited any pro-White movement due to his stupid clown act.

We now know that a significant part of the so-called “neo-Nazi” movement has been literally ADL employees playing dress-up, and the ones that aren’t being paid by the ADL and instead being paid by the FBI. We have 50 years of this, all documented and on the record.

We know that much of the “WN” chan culture is, in fact, Jews playing dress up. Joshua Goldberg, for instance. Is it a surprise that the same chan culture is so in the bag for Trump now?

Humor has its place, certainly, but sometimes you have to face reality.

The latest idiotic conspiracy theory is that Trump’s six national security analysts are not Jewish. This is supposed to be significant, and the WNs have come up with all sorts of idiotic theories that this is a “signal” or that is shows Trump is “against the Jews” or anything. I understand there are a lot of WNs that are simply young and don’t have a clue about politics and less of a clue about the National Security establishment. But there’s no excuse for a simple lack of rigor when it comes to getting basic facts right.

The Trump cult has gotten so bad that Mormons are being attacked because Utah didn’t vote for Trump. Now, Mormons have become the “enemy” of whites, and WNs are having a contest to see who can insult Mormons the most. These same assholes were all in the bag for Mitt Romney last time and used to praise Mormons to high heavens. Now? Because they are perceived as being anti-Trump, they are attacked in the most childish of ways.

WN isn’t serious, it’s a clown show. You have really great guys like RamZPaul doing more for nationalism than anyone has in a decade, and he’s routinely attacked by the channers for insufficient ideological purity. Then, these same idiots will turn around and accuse anyone of not being for Trump of having TOO MUCH ideological purity.

It really, really sucks that the loudest voices in White Nationalism are Costume Clowns and single, childless men who masturabte to anime porn.

Bob Whitaker – perhaps the most valuable pro-White voice of the last decade, has stepped down from the American Freedom Party, because the rest of the board has lost interest in actually promoting the interests of White people, instead, they want to act as unpaid propaganda for Donald Trump. Mind you, these people are not actually using the Trump campaign to get more people on board with being pro-White – on the contrary – they are throwing white people overboard and ignoring pro-White issues in order to help Trump.

Of course, the Trump campaign neither needs nor wants their help, so not only are they being ineffective, they are being counter-productive.

Whatever happens with Trump, win or lose, he has done nothing to advance the cause of White people and even as President, there’s no reason to believe he will lift a finger to advance the cause of white people. Sure, The Wall is a great talking point, and Trump’s adoption of Jeff Sessions immigration plan has substance to it.

But the demographic problem of America has literally nothing to do with Mexicans sneaking across the border. The Wall idea is good optics for a campaign, but it’s not a serious proposal.

Pro-White people have a great opportunity to use the Trump campaign in our interests. Jared Taylor has done just that, or least, he did. He did robo-calls for Trump and actually used the word “white.” That’s awesome. But most of the WN movement has been doing the opposite – stopping talking about White interests because it may hurt the Trump campaign.

Frankly, the better sorts of Whites don’t need the White Nationalist movement. Smart, intelligent, and educated Whites are doing just fine – they control the world. Biggest military, nice all-white neighborhoods, plenty of money, good schools. It the regular White that are getting screwed.

I’m starting to think that the NRx people are right. The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter. I can send a link to Radix Journal to my upper class white liberal friends, no problem – but I’d have to tell them to not read the comments. And of course I wouldn’t want to be associated with the idiotic clown show that is the Daily Stormer. Sure, I get it, trolling is funny, but these people take it seriously.

Anime sucks, by the way. It is literally the gayest thing in the world for white men to post anime pictures on line.

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