“Flat Earth Nationalism”


Six months ago the “alternative media” was spammed with high quality videos, pictures, and other materials about “the flat earth.” It wasn’t just some crank somewhere, more than one person spent quite a bit of time making very polished videos.

I’m sure there is/was a commercial motive behind some of it – the History Channel is full of “Ancient Mysteries” and “UFO Bigfoots” and “Secret Nazi Technology” and the like.

But alt-media forums like /r/conspiracy were flooded with this stuff, and many of the handles promoting it were the same people that promote 9/11 disinformation (Judith Woods, Dmitri Khasolov, etc.)

Renegade Tribune, home to John Friend, was pushing this stuff at the exact same time. Not just Shiksa Goddess posting a video or two. You had the admins of the site actually going into detailed arguments about how promoting “The Flat Earth” would help “fight White Genocide.”

No, I do not think our ancestors would care one bit that we choose to question “Science”, which is currently ruled by jews. — “renegade (Admin)”

It’s always hard to discuss the Jewish question because there are always people “agreeing and amplifying.” “Oh, you say Jews run the media! Limited Hangout! Jews run 100% of the banks and ALL of science as well! Science itself is Jewish!”

I dunno, seems pretty obvious to me. It’s a basic tactic of disruption. According to Catherine Austin Fitts, these are “adult fairy tales” and they are put out by various agencies for a few reasons – to disrupt and discredit dissident media for one. The “Disclosure Project” about UFOs is being financed by Rockefeller money and serves the same sort of purpose.

There’s a commercial agenda behind it too. If Playboy magazine was a CIA front, it certainly actually turned a profit as well.

Shiska Goddess may just be a crank, but the mods of Renegade Tribune, Kyle Peterson I guess, is obviously smart enough to know this is purposeful disinformation. So in my view it doesn’t take a super-genius to figure out the motivation here. These are also the people exploiting wedge issues.

Classic technique.

4 thoughts on ““Flat Earth Nationalism”

  1. much of the models we have today are mathematically crafted by kaBALLists,

    Get it? “kaBALLists?” The idea that the earth is a globe comes from the Jewish Kaballah, and you can tell because it has the word “ball” in it.

    This is just obvious trolling. But Renegade Tribune had roped in a lot of people with good articles for maybe a year, then sprung this on people, trolling them mercilessly, and people just had too much invested to realize they had been had.

    So they actually tried to argue with these trolls.

    This sort of thing was all documented by the GCHC/NSA Snowden leaks about online manipulation. They even had a nice Powerpoint presentation detailing these sort of tactics.

    Look, they have huge budgets, they have to spend it on something!

    I’ve noticed the technique for years. The handle “Hipster Racist” is the same technique. “Racist” is a scary smear word, so you pair it up with something ridiculous, like “Hipster,” and now it’s not so scary is it? It’s funny, it’s a joke. I’ve defanged that scary slur word “racist.”

    They did it with 9/11. Dr. Jones and Dr. Harrit found thermite in the dust, a very high tech form they called “nano-thermite.” There’s physical evidence of this, they literally have hundreds of thousands of particles of unreacted nano-thermite in the dust samples.

    So how to discredit this hard, physical evidence? Easy. Create a fake “controversy.”

    Judith Woods version: “Nano-thermite! That’s a limited hangout. They really used Energy Beams from Space to ‘Dustify’ the Trade Center! Here’s some fancy-looking charts. Shill!”

    Dmitri Khosolov version:” Nano-thermite! That’s a limited hangout. They really used Mini-Nukes in the basement. Here’s a really long video and some cool pictures of explosions. Shill!”

    I mean, once you understand the technique it’s usually pretty obvious.

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    1. The only person in that Renegade crowd I really like anymore is Shaun Surplus, who has a fairly amusing podcast. He’s friends with Hunt and Sinead but also had the self-respect to say on his show that the flat earth argument is bollocks. He doesn’t seem to make the connection and realize that his associates are disrupting and marginalizing white advocacy with that stuff.


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